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Standing Guard | Farewell And Thank You

The NRA isn’t a building in Washington D.C., or anywhere else. It’s an idea, and an ideal, that transcends who we are as individuals. It’s millions of Americans who believe fighting for freedom is the highest calling.

Standing Guard | This Year Will Decide If American Freedom Lives

As an NRA member, you are one of the most-impactful and integral forces in America. You can save American freedom this year and preserve it for years to come.

Standing Guard | SCOTUS To Hear First Amendment Case

NRA members are the front lines of an epic battle that will profoundly determine the course of freedom in America.

Standing Guard | Biden Weaponizes White House Against NRA Members And Gun Owners

At stake next year is whether or not Joe Biden will get to continue to destroy our nation or if we get to restore sanity to our criminal justice system and save our constitutional rights.

Standing Guard | America Herself Is At Stake In Next Year’s Election

Too many people believe that America is so big, so strong, so powerful and so enduring that it will last forever. But NRA members know the lessons of history, and so, to keep this nation strong, we have a role to play.

Standing Guard | The Justice-System Loophole The Media Ignores

Gun-hating politicians and their media puppets are perpetually driving mass hysteria over so-called “loopholes” in our nation’s gun laws. It’s all one big lie.

Standing Guard | NRA Files Suit To Protect Our Members’ Freedom

To President Biden, the law-abiding deserve persecution and prosecution, but the hardened criminals terrorizing neighborhoods should be left alone. It’s patently unjust and the NRA will fight it at every turn.

Standing Guard | NRA Strong!

To see what freedom truly looks like, you don’t have to look further than the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits.

Standing Guard | Freedom Needs Our Collective Voice

The battle lines are drawn and they couldn’t be clearer: Innocent Americans are under increasing attack from the criminal class. It is you, me and the NRA vs. anti-gun elites.

Standing Guard | Freedom Is Under Attack From Within

There was a time in this country when elected officials care about protecting the innocent. Now, in their quest for power, these same officials only care about tearing down freedom and disarming law-abiding Americans.

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