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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Brown Vetoes Dealer Storage Bill, Signs Open Carry Ban

And just in case you didn’t think it was hard enough to be a California gun owner, on Friday Gov. Jerry Brown passed a bill further limiting the rights of the state’s law-abiding citizens.

In a statement released following his signing of Assembly Bill 7, Brown said, “In effect this bill closes a narrow loophole in California’s existing open carry prohibitions.” What the bill actually does, however, is further limit where California gun owners can defend themselves by adding certain unincorporated areas to the list of public places where open carry is prohibited. With the signing of AB7, Golden State gun owners lost another slice of their Second Amendment freedoms, a set of rights already facing death by a thousand cuts.

There was a surprising bit of good news, however. In a rare show of common sense, Brown vetoed SB 464—which would have placed additional storage and security requirements on FFLs—claiming “local authorities are in the best position to determine what, if any, additional measures are needed.”

California Governor Signs Law Disarming All Teachers

California Gov. Jerry Brown is working overtime to deny gun owners their rights and disarm them. On Saturday, Brown signed Assembly Bill 424 into law, a measure that will make all schools gun-free zones.

The state passed Senate Bill 707 in 2015, which made it a crime to possess a firearm in a school zone except with the written permission of the school district superintendent. AB 424 removes that exception. It was introduced by Democrat Assemblyman Kevin McCarty after five California school districts opted to allow law-abiding school personnel with concealed-carry permits to bring their guns onto school grounds.

“You’re taking away the ability to protect our children,” Republican Assemblyman Devon Mathis was quoted as saying in Visalia Times-Delta. “People with CCWs are trained and schools are already soft targets.” Mathis voted against the measure.

Indiana Rep Drafts Bill To Regulate Journalists Like Gun Owners

Indiana Rep. Jim Lucas has written a piece of legislation that would require journalists to register and be licensed by state police. But he isn't actually eager to limit First Amendment rights—rather, he’s trying to make a point about the way the Second Amendment is often infringed.

USA Today reports that under the proposed bill, professional journalists would have to apply for a license, be fingerprinted and pay a fee. The process is generally the same as what is required for a concealed-carry license. “If you’re OK licensing my Second Amendment right, what’s wrong with licensing your First Amendment right?” Lucas asked.

“If I was as irresponsible with my handgun as the media has been with their keyboard, I’d probably be in jail,” noted Lucas of the prevalent double standard. He hasn’t yet opted to officially file the bill, but his message about unequal protection of constitutional rights has been heard loud and clear.

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