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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Washington State Lawmakers Push Semi-Auto And Magazine Ban

Lawmakers in Washington state, with the support of Attorney General Bob Ferguson, are pushing two rabidly anti-gun bills for next year’s legislative session.

The two measures—Senate Bill 5050 and House Bill 1387—were both introduced last session, and Ferguson recently said he will renew his efforts to see the gun-ban legislation passed in 2018.

SB 5050 would prohibit all possession, purchase, sale, or transfer of commonly owned semi-automatic rifles and ammunition magazines holding more than 10 rounds. HB 1387 would impose a registration and licensing system for these so-called “assault weapons” and “large-capacity magazines.”

Both of these anti-gun bills failed to move out of committee during the 2017 session, but will be carried over for consideration during the 2018 legislative session.

NYT Columnist Steps In It With Gun Control Remarks After Terror Attack

A man originally from Uzbekistan ran a rental truck over people on a bicycle path in New York City on Tuesday, killing eight. He was shot by NYPD officer Ryan Nash after jumping out of the vehicle and brandishing imitation firearms. This was a tragedy and an outrage—and for New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, an opportunity for a cheap gun control plug.

“The NYC terrorist had a pellet gun and a paintball gun,” tweeted Kristof. “Good thing that in NYC he couldn’t buy assault rifles, or the toll would be higher.”

Pro-gun Twitter users were quick to rip Kristof’s argument to shreds, pointing out that the terrorist hadn’t needed guns in order to kill and wasn’t even a resident of New York, so the notoriously strict gun laws wouldn’t have affected him in the first place. But really, what use is logic when your only objective is to score points at the expense of the Second Amendment?

Indiana Committee Votes To Remove Concealed-Carry “Hurdles”

Hoosiers could find it less complicated to carry a gun for self-defense purposes next year. On Tuesday, the Indiana Joint Committee on Judiciary and Public Policy voted 15-5 in favor of “remov[ing] hurdles that restrict the ability of law abiding Hoosiers to exercise their state and federal constitutional rights to bear arms and defend themselves.”

As NRA-ILA reported, the recommendation was adopted at the conclusion of a summer study following the enactment of House Bill 1071. That legislation ensures that victims of domestic violence are not left defenseless by enabling them to carry a handgun for self-defense without a license while they are waiting for their carry permit to be approved.

Current Indiana law requires prospective gun carriers to fill out an application, be fingerprinted and pay up to $125 in fees. State Police data shows that 134,000 permits were issued in 2016, while 4,800 permits were denied.

Connecticut Town Considers Sweeping Gun Ban

One Connecticut municipality may soon ban guns on all town property if a group of city leaders gets its wish. The local Board of Selectmen will hold a public hearing tonight on an ordinance proposed by the Southbury, Conn., Democratic Town Committee (SDTC) that would turn city property into a giant “gun-free zone.”

In a letter, the SDTC attempts to use the violence in Charlotte to justify abrogating residents’ Second Amendment rights, going so far as to suggest that children’s lives would be put in danger without it—but as carry permit holders are among the most law-abiding segments of society, and criminals don’t pay attention to laws anyway, the law is at best unnecessary, and at worst will endanger those same lives that they purport to be saving.

Use Your Power!

The hearing will take place at 7 p.m. tonight at the Pomperaud High School Auditorium. For more information or to contact your selectmen, click here.

Texas Homeowner Shoots Not-So-Subtle Home Invader

When the doorbell rings at 5 in the morning, it’s usually not good news. So when a homeowner opened the door to see a strange man, who apologized for “being at the wrong home,” he closed the door—and prepared for something more sinister.

Seemingly inevitably, seconds later the stranger kicked in the door of the Dallas-area home. Thankfully, the homeowner had armed himself and opened fire, and responding officers found the suspect in the street critically wounded. After treatment at a nearby hospital, doctors report he is expected to survive.

A next-door neighbor, Savannah Askin, told KDFW FOX 4, “I hear someone screaming, and then I hear 5 or 6 gunshots, so I freaked out. I ran to my bathroom, locked myself in.” Askin also said she heard loud music, most likely from the suspect’s Dodge Charger, and questioned why a potential burglar would make such an uproar.

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