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Friday, November 3, 2017

Suicide Prevention Walk Organizers Turn Away Demanding Moms

Organizers of a suicide prevention walk held in San Diego last Saturday turned away Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action because of the group’s strong anti-gun stance.

The local Demanding Moms had sought to man a booth at the “Out of the Darkness” community walk. Jessica van der Stad, regional director of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, rejected participation by the Moms group.

“Their organization’s legislative stance related to guns is inconsistent with our efforts,” van der Stad told voiceofsandiego.org. “As a suicide prevention organization, we are not in the business of saying who can and cannot own firearms. We are in the business of saving lives.”

According to the voiceofsandiego.org report, the Brady Campaign then emailed the group to determine if members could wear their Brady Campaign T-shirts at the event, but were told by Che Hernandez, chair of the suicide prevention foundation’s San Diego chapter: “Upon consulting with our national leadership, we still are unable to have the Brady Campaign/Moms Demand Action promote itself at our community events.”

Antis Schedule National Gun “Buyback”

After 16 years of organizing so-called “gun buybacks,” this year pediatric surgeon Mike Hirsh is attempting to take his event nationwide.

Unfortunately, with only nine events planned so far in the entire country, that appellation seems … ambitious, to say the least. The same could be said of the events’ funding mechanism, which seems to rely largely on public donations. In fact, in contrast with some buyback schemes’ offers of up to 125 percent of a gun’s market value, the organizers even admit that “a well-informed gun owner … could probably find more lucrative ways to sell their gun.”

But even if, despite all odds, the organizers of the Dec. 16 event wind up collecting some guns, that doesn’t mean the event will have succeeded in its mission of making a “tangible impact” by “remov[ing] dangerous guns from your community.” Studies have shown that such programs have little success in fighting violence—same as any program that results in fewer guns in the hands of the law-abiding.

Chicago Gang Member To Be Sentenced For Stealing Guns From Train

One of the culprits behind a massive heist of 100 new guns from a cross-country freight train has been convicted and will soon face sentencing. Unsurprisingly, those firearms were destined to end up on the streets of Chicago.

Fox News reports that 38-year-old Patrick Edwards—identified by prosecutors as a career burglar—and his seven accomplices boarded a train headed from New Hampshire to Washington state to steal the guns. The prosecution is requesting at least a 12-year sentence, and the judge has already sentenced one of the other defendants to 10 years in prison, citing how such crimes contribute to Chicago’s violent crime epidemic.

It’s important to take note of the scale and sophistication of the gang activities that keep illegal firearms pouring into Chicago—and remember it the next time cynical politicians try to point the finger at mom-and-pop gun stores in neighboring jurisdictions.

Octogenarian Arkansas Woman Fatally Shoots Home Intruder

On Sunday, a Marion, Ark., woman in her late 80s received a call at 3:30 in the morning. On the other end of the phone was her alarm company, telling her someone might be in her home. She immediately grabbed her firearm and headed towards the front door.

Crittenden County police tell WREG-TV the woman encountered a man who had forced his way into her home. She called out to the invader to leave, but he kept charging towards her so she fired in self-defense. Investigators say that 19-year-old Cody Smith died at the scene, and added that the intruder lived nearby but not in the same neighborhood.

John Rimmer, a neighbor, told reporters, “We heard he was under the influence of something and wrecked his car.” Whether he was confused or not, Rimmer added that Smith “had no business” breaking into his elderly neighbor’s home.

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