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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

AG Sessions Has Warning For Gang Members

While America’s violent street gangs were largely left alone by the Obama administration to grow and thrive, the Trump administration is taking a different tack.

According to an Associated Press report, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has instructed law enforcement personnel and prosecutors to crack down hard on such gangs. “If you are a gang member, know this: You think you're targeting us, well we're targeting you,” Session told nearly 100 local, state and federal prosecutors, and law enforcement officers in Memphis. “We will find you. We will devastate your networks. We will starve your revenue sources, deplete your ranks and seize your profits. We will not concede a single block or street corner.”

Sessions added: “People don't want to believe that we have to have prisons. I wish it weren't so, I really do. We've got to be realistic. Imprisonment unfortunately is a part of what is needed to have safety in our streets.”

L.A. City Attorney, Police Chief Spout Lies About Concealed Carry

In a Los Angeles Times op-ed on Thursday, the Los Angeles city attorney and police chief teamed up to disseminate more falsehoods and half-truths than any politicians should ever undertake in one newspaper column.

Opposing the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act under consideration in Congress, City Attorney Mike Feuer and Police Chief Charlie Beck wrote, “More concealed weapons on California streets would make police work here much more hazardous.” The duo further pontificated: “The mere presence of more concealed weapons on California streets would make police work here much more hazardous.”

In making such blatantly false statements, Feuer and Beck completely ignore the success of concealed carry throughout the nation. Between 2007 and 2015, U.S. concealed-carry permit numbers rose 215 percent, and the murder rate dropped 14 percent during that same time period. Furthermore, according to data provided by Florida and Texas, concealed carriers are between six and 10 times less likely to commit a crime than are police officers—who, in turn, are more law-abiding than the general population.

West Virginia Homeowner Injured In Gunfire Exchange With Invaders

Coal City is a peaceful, rural setting in West Virginia. However, last Thursday it was the scene of a violent home invasion and subsequent shooting.

Glen Michael Israel was asleep in the early morning hours when intruders burst into his home. According to West Virginia MetroNews Network, Israel grabbed his gun and approached the “unknown suspects,” who had forced their way inside. Israel fired his shotgun at the suspects, but one of the intruders shot back—hitting the homeowner in the face. The invaders retreated after the exchange of gunfire, and remain on the loose.

Investigators say that Israel was shot with a small-caliber handgun, and after being transported to a local hospital he was flown to Charleston Area Medical Center for further care. His condition remains guarded.

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