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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hacker Finds Cheap, Simple Methods To Bypass “Smart Gun” Security

The Armatix IP1 was advertised as the first commercially viable “smart gun,” a firearm that would reliably fire only when held by the owner. But a hacker who goes by the name “Plore” has recently shared some inexpensive ways to thwart the IP1’s vaunted technology.

As detailed in an article in Wired, Plore initially built a radio relay to extend the range of the RFID watch that unlocks the gun’s firing mechanism, allowing it to be fired if the watch is simply in the area (and not on the user’s hand). He also assembled a jamming device for $20 that reliably stopped the IP1 from firing. Finally, he devised a way to hold a stack of simple magnets near the barrel to override the gun’s security and make it fire without use of the RFID watch. “And that’s how I found out for $15 of materials you can defeat the security of this $1,500 smart gun,” Plore said.

The hacker says that he hopes to have demonstrated how inadequate the Armatix IP1’s security really is. “In this case, it was so easily defeated, in so many ways, that it really failed to live up to its side of the bargain … Misplaced trust is worse than no trust at all.”

Chicago Women Embracing Armed Self-Defense

The record rates of violence in Chicago have been well documented. Every Monday, it seems, the death toll numbers coming out of the Windy City are the subject of national headlines. But while political pundits continue to debate how best to stem the tide of violence, many local women are taking matters into their own hands

As news hub AFP reports, retired parole officer Javondlynn Dunagan was a regular at the range who was struck by the absence of ladies—particularly African-American ladies like herself. After asking around, she determined that it was a fear of guns that was keeping them away. So Dunagan set out to change that. She offered training classes and founded the Ladies of Steel gun club—the group now meets twice a month to sharpen their skills.

Dunagan also offers courses like a “Mommy & Me Self-Defense Class” and works with women in Chicago’s south side communities—the areas where violence has skyrocketed. “You see people shooting everywhere,” said one of the class attendees. “You just never know, so you’d better be prepared.”

Lexington Man Shoots Neighbor Who Was On A House-To-House Rampage

At around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, Lexington, S.C., police officers arrived at the scene of a suspected shooting. They discovered a man with a gunshot wound lying in the front yard of a home. From there they pieced together what happened, but still don’t have a clue as to why.

The man in the yard turned out to be 31-yea-old Derek Fogle, who had gone on a rampage earlier in the evening—attacking his roommate, then yelling and knocking on doors throughout the neighborhood. Fogle ended up at the residence of Joseph Nicewonger, where he yelled at the homeowner, chased him from his garage, then threw him to the ground and began striking him in the head repeatedly.

Fortunately for Nicewonger, he had armed himself with a handgun, and he shot Fogle several times to end the attack. Fogle was transported to a nearby hospital where he died, and authorities are waiting for toxicology tests to determine what may have caused him to attack his neighbors.

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