Bloomberg’s Big Lie About “Gun Deaths”

posted on August 1, 2017

If there’s one thing the gun control contingent has become known for, it’s baseless claims. The latest comes courtesy of gun-ban billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

In his interview with the Los Angeles Times—during which the former New York City mayor admitted his side is losing the war against gun owners—the freedom-averse billionaire claimed that “there have been more people killed with illegal handguns than soldiers that have died since the Revolutionary War through today in defense of our country.” As Breitbart pointed out, Bloomberg’s comment echoed a 2015 tweet from the Center for American Progress Action Fund (CAP). The numbers they used were 836,290 for gun deaths and 656,397 for U.S. military personnel killed.

The problem, as with most gun-related claims made by the liberal propaganda machine, is the lack of facts to support it. A quick Google search—something neither Bloomberg nor CAP bothered to do—shows how inaccurate the claim is. The toll from two wars alone—the Civil War and World War II—surpasses the gun death toll. But accuracy is always secondary to sensationalism, it seems.


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