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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

New Jersey AG Hypes Useless Gun “Buyback”

We’ve told you in the past how so-called gun “buybacks” are just a ploy by cynical politicians to make it seem like they are doing something about violent crime. Now New Jersey’s attorney general is making that point himself.

In a column at northjersey.com, Attorney General Christopher Porrino wrote: “Gun violence is a complex issue, and buybacks certainly are not a complete solution.” In fact, they are no solution at all, as Porrino must certainly know that even the editorial board of the Times of Trenton recently wrote: “Indeed, studies done by the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research have shown that buyback programs have little impact on preventing gun violence.”

You must read further to find out what Porrino thinks the real value of turn-in programs is. “From what we’ve seen, and from what our local partners tell us, these buybacks have a galvanizing effect in our communities and they help create public awareness,” Porrino wrote. “Many people in the community are energized by their participation.”

Ah, so even though they are ineffective, such programs make some people feel good. That explains a lot.

Bloomberg’s Big Lie About “Gun Deaths”

If there’s one thing the gun control contingent has become known for, it’s baseless claims. The latest comes courtesy of gun-ban billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

In his interview with the Los Angeles Times—during which the former New York City mayor admitted his side is losing the war against gun owners—the freedom-averse billionaire claimed that “there have been more people killed with illegal handguns than soldiers that have died since the Revolutionary War through today in defense of our country.” As Breitbart pointed out, Bloomberg’s comment echoed a 2015 tweet from the Center for American Progress Action Fund (CAP). The numbers they used were 836,290 for gun deaths and 656,397 for U.S. military personnel killed.

The problem, as with most gun-related claims made by the liberal propaganda machine, is the lack of facts to support it. A quick Google search—something neither Bloomberg nor CAP bothered to do—shows how inaccurate the claim is. The toll from two wars alone—the Civil War and World War II—surpasses the gun death toll. But accuracy is always secondary to sensationalism, it seems.

Professor Tweets Wish For Someone To Shoot The President

If you’re disturbed by the increasingly violent tone of leftist rhetoric in the aftermath of President Donald Trump’s election, this story won’t make you feel any better. Kevin Allred, who worked as an adjunct professor in the Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies program at Montclair State University, ranted on Twitter about the president that, “I wish someone would just shoot him outright.”

That same day Allred tweeted an image of Kathy Griffin holding a model of President Trump’s severed head with the caption, “Mood.”

Allred previously lost a teaching gig at Rutgers for tweeting, “Will the Second Amendment be as cool when I buy a gun and start shooting at random white people or no … ?” Judging from this latest incident, he doesn’t seem to be very good at learning his lesson. But it’s worth noting that he no longer shows up on the faculty page for his program at Montclair State—maybe his extremist threats aren’t doing him any favors when it comes to holding down a job.

Georgia Homeowner Shoots Male Invader Dressed Like A Woman

“The homeowner gave him a warning. The suspect continued to approach him, at which time the homeowner fired one shot.”

DeKalb County Police Lt. Lonzy Robertson tells WSB-TV 2 that a homeowner had no choice but to fire at a suspected burglar. At around 2 a.m. last Monday, a man—who was dressed as a woman, wearing a wig and arched eyebrows—broke into the Lithonia, Ga., residence and, despite warnings, continued to advance. The homeowner then fired a single shot, fatally striking the intruder.

Investigators say it was a clear case of self-defense, and neighbors interviewed at the scene believe the owner of the house had no other choice. William Jordan, who lives nearby, said the homeowner has a house full of females and he is intensely serious about their safety. “I think people should protect themselves and their property,” he said.

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