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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Texas Prof: Illegal Guns OK, But Not Legally Carried Ones

A Texas professor who is wearing body armor and a combat helmet to class because he says he is scared of the state’s campus-carry law apparently thinks it’s fine for criminals to have guns on campus, just not law-abiding gun owners with carry permits.

Speaking to Foxnews.com, San Antonio college geography instructor Charles K. Smith accidentally let the truth spill when talking about the law, which went into effect in state universities a year ago with no problems, but just took effect this month at state community colleges.

“I realize students were carrying guns on campus illegally, but now it’s legal to do so,” Smith said. “It increases the chances of something happening.”

He’s right about one thing in that statement: It does increase the “chances of something happening”—specifically it increases the chance of a law-abiding carry-permit holder protecting him or herself and others should a violent criminal attack them while on campus.

More Details On Second Amendment Guarantee Act

We told you last week how U.S. Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y., has introduced the Second Amendment Guarantee Act. Now NRA’s Institute for Legislative action is explaining the importance of the measure.

According to NRA-ILA, the bill is a response to anti-gun laws in a small handful of jurisdictions—including California, Connecticut, D.C., Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York—that criminalize the mere possession of highly popular semi-automatic long guns widely available throughout the rest of the country. Although rifles or shotguns of any sort are used less often in murders than knives, blunt objects such as clubs or hammers, or even hands, fists and feet, gun control advocates have sought to portray the banned guns as somehow uniquely dangerous to public safety.  

“With states violating Americans’ rights and federal courts allowing them to act with impunity, it is up to Congress to ensure that all Americans, wherever they may live, have access to the best, most modern and innovative firearms for their lawful needs, including the protection of themselves and their families,” the ILA report concluded. “The NRA thanks Rep. Chris Collins for leading this important effort and urges his colleagues to cosponsor and support this staunchly pro-gun legislation.”

Congressman Calls For Government-Funded Federal Gun “Buyback”

On the heels of New Jersey’s recent gun turn-in program, which netted nearly 5,000 guns, U.S. Rep. Donald Payne, D-N.J., has introduced the Safer Neighborhood Gun Buyback Act. The poorly named measure has nothing to do with “safer neighborhoods,” nor is it a “buyback.”

Instead, it encourages gun owners to sell their firearms to the federal government. In return, they would receive a debit card worth up to 125 percent of the gun’s market value. The card could be used to purchase anything but guns or ammunition. Payne calls that a win-win—one less gun on the street, more money spent locally.

The truth is that HR 3613 is just the latest gun control scheme. As we wrote earlier this week, so-called “buybacks” are nothing more than smoke, mirrors and feel-good puffery.

Guns.com reports that Payne’s bill has 16 Democratic sponsors and has been referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary.

New Jersey Could Face Anti-Gun Onslaught Under New Governor

As bad as New Jersey currently is for gun owners, there’s a chance that things could get much worse. The election of an anti-gun governor could remove obstacles to a blitz from the anti-gun Democrats who dominate the state legislature.

Sen. Loretta Weinberg, whose legacy is tied up in the state’s disastrous “smart gun” mandate, is hoping for the election of former U.S. Ambassador to Germany Phil Murphy. Weinberg told NJ101.5 that she had already apprised Murphy, “I have at least 20 bills ready the day he walks in that have all been vetoed by Gov. Christie.”

By vetoing at least nine egregiously anti-gun bills and pardoning several law-abiding citizens who unintentionally violated the state’s draconian gun laws, Christie has acted as the one effective check on a den of radically anti-gun lawmakers. It will be a bad day for New Jersey gun owners if those same politicians see the election of one of their own.

Washington Robber Leaves Apartment With Bullet Wounds Instead Of Valuables

It was Sunday night, around 10:30 p.m., when a resident in a Puyallup, Wash., apartment heard pounding on his front door. When he looked out the window and saw a man who appeared to be holding a gun, the resident wisely armed himself.

The News Tribune reported that the intruder burst through the door, and the 33-year-old man who lived in the residence greeted him with two well-placed gunshots. The intruder immediately turned and ran, fleeing the scene before police could arrive. However, officers notified hospitals near the apartments to be on the lookout, and a short time later a man checked himself into the Good Samaritan Hospital with a gunshot wound.

The 52-year-old suspect is expected to survive, and will be arrested once released from the hospital. Police have been unable to make a connection between the resident and the intruder.

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