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Friday, August 11, 2017

School District Trains Armed Staffers; Reporter Deems Them “Ready To Kill”

When Mad River Local Schools in Ohio recently arranged to have several teachers and staff trained in the defensive use of firearms so they could better protect students, the district took a prudent step toward safety. Yet a newspaper reporting on the event chose to make a mockery of it.

In a feature at daytonedailynews.com, Staff Writer Will Garbe apparently just couldn’t help himself, writing in the lead sentence: “Intruders beware: Thirty-two teachers and staff in Mad River Local Schools are now armed and ready to kill.”

Garbe’s flippant treatment of the subject aside, those trained staff members are now better prepared to protect themselves and their students than ever before. And apparently that’s not a new thing in Ohio. “Sixty-three out of 88 counties in Ohio have a district with a response team,” Superintendent Chad Wyen is quoted as saying in the same story.

I suppose Garbe considers all those trained teachers and staff members “ready to kill,” too.

Nikki Goeser Speaks Out On National Carry Reciprocity

A woman who saw her husband gunned down by a stalker because both he and she were left disarmed in a gun-free zone is speaking out in favor of national Right-to-Carry reciprocity legislation being considered in Congress.

In a lengthy interview at the Daily Caller, Nikki Goeser said: “National reciprocity is an important issue to me. I am trusted by the state of Tennessee and other reciprocal states to carry my gun for self-defense. However, I recently traveled to California and Washington, D.C., and unfortunately, I am not trusted to carry there. I was disarmed by their restrictive laws and left vulnerable in the very places where I was going to talk about gun rights and the dangers of gun-free zones.”

Goeser added: “The Second Amendment clearly states that our personal rights to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, yet all over this nation those rights are infringed to the detriment of our liberty and our safety. In that vein, while I am not a fan of being required to have handgun carry permits, if we do have them, they should be treated like a driver’s license and recognized in every state.”

Czech Republic Sues EU Over Gun Law

The Czech Republic refuses to give in on guns. Following a directive from the European Union imposing stringent new gun controls, the Czechs filed a lawsuit last week claiming it goes too far. The directive calls for further restrictions on semi-automatic firearms and magazines, alters the current firearm licensing categories, requires additional qualifications for gun owner licensing, and imposes additional marking and registration requirements.

“Such a massive punishment of decent arms holders is unacceptable, because banning legally held weapons has no connection with the fight against terrorism,” Czech Interior Minister Milan Chovanec said in a statement reported by Reuters. The Czech Republic has 300,000 gun permit holders.

When the European Council adopted the new legislation in April, member states were given 15 months to change their national laws to comply and 30 months to comply with the directive’s firearms registration database requirements. The Czech Republic, Luxembourg and Poland have all stated their opposition to the measure.

South Carolina Man Shoots Hallucinating Home Invader

Late Monday afternoon, an Abbeville, S.C., man was in his residence when he suddenly found another man inside his home, threatening to kill him.

According to the Index-Journal, police responded to the report of a shooting and home invasion, finding the homeowner unharmed. Investigators say a man had simply walked into the residence while suffering hallucinations, and began telling the homeowner he would kill him. The homeowner grabbed his gun and told the man to leave several times, but the intruder kept advancing and kept threatening to kill him. That’s when the homeowner fired twice, hitting the man in the leg and sending him scrambling out the door.

A short time later, deputies found the man, 29-year-old Cody Brandon Driver, at a nearby medical center receiving treatment for a gunshot wound. He was taken into custody without incident.

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