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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

California Ammo Manufacturer Cites New Laws While Closing Doors

The Cartridge Family, a small manufacturer of ammunition in Redding, Calif., has closed down. The owner, Mike Schroeder, informed media that restrictive California gun laws were part of the reason that TCF went out of business.

KRCTV quotes Schroeder as placing some of the blame on market conditions, with larger manufacturers employing pricing and rebate strategies that TCF was unable to match. But he also said that Proposition 63, which requires background checks for all ammunition sales, was a deciding factor.

“Not only will Proposition 63 and the Gunpocalypse gun control bills passed in 2016 make it even more difficult for law-abiding people to exercise their rights in California and stay out of jail, but they’re already hurting and destroying small businesses that serve the gun owner community,” Brandon Combs, president of the Firearms Policy Coalition, told Guns.com. “This is, sadly, precisely what anti-gun politicians and gun control groups want. First, they channel all firearm and ammunition transactions through a strict regulatory scheme, then they will choke off the rest through laws that impose severe burdens, costs and risk.”

John Lott On Democrats, Guns And Poor Americans

Writing at chicagotribune.com on Monday, author and researcher John Lott, president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, revealed how anti-gun Democrat lawmakers make it more difficult for low-income Americans to defend themselves and their families.

“… when it comes to the right to own a gun for self-defense, liberals don't hesitate to pile on fees, ID requirements, expensive training and onerous background checks,” Lott wrote. Indeed, a new CPRC report shows that the average fee for a concealed-handgun permit is $67, but it is much higher in the most heavily Democratic states. Each 10-percentage-point increase in a state's presidential vote for Hillary Clinton was associated with an additional $30 in the concealed-handgun permit fee.

“The cops can't be everywhere at once,” Lott concluded. “Indeed, they rarely respond to live crime scenes at all. But unfortunately for poor people living in the country's most violent neighborhoods, Democrats just don't trust them with guns.”

Country Singer Pens Pro-2A Song

Rising country artist Dustin Collins came out with a new track earlier this year that had a title many might recognize. “Cold Dead Hands,” according to Collins’ bio, was written as an anthem to the American gun owner and to “everyone who is tired of being told the way they live is wrong and that there’s something wrong with them for having morals, values and tradition.”

He echoed the sentiment in a recent interview with Breitbart, stating that, “Without the Second Amendment, there is no First Amendment.” Titled after Charlton Heston’s famous words spoken at the 2000 NRA Annual Meetings, the song’s lyrics mention a Winchester rifle that’s been passed through the generations and promises that the Constitution “ain’t ending here with me.”  

For Collins, the song is personal. “I thought about everybody I grew up with here in Kentucky—out here in rural America,” he told Breitbart. “You know, we get guns for our birthdays and Christmas. It’s something you get when you’re very young. When you’re eight, nine, 10 years old, you get your first rifle and go deer hunting and stuff.”

So Collins penned an ode to the Second Amendment. “It’s freedom,” he stated. “That’s what owning a gun is—it’s the very foundation of freedom.” You can listen to “Cold Dead Hands” here.

Good Guy With Gun Stops Knife-Wielding Robber Without Firing A Shot

At noon on Sunday, Rossana Lynn was sitting in her Toyota at a Seminole, Fla., Publix parking lot when someone approached. It was 49-year-old Bobby Martin Watson, who proceeded to open the door and reach for her purse. When Lynn fought back, Martin stabbed her in the abdomen and thigh, then took off running.

Christopher McMann, who witnessed the struggle, confronted Martin, who then stabbed him in the back. However, McMann kept running in pursuit and was joined by another good Samaritan, Travis Jones. Both men managed to tackle Watson, who also stabbed Jones in the abdomen during a struggle. As Jones and McMann fought the suspect, Florida authorities say Donald Rush had noticed the commotion and retrieved a handgun from his vehicle. Rush ran to the brawl and managed to disarm Watson, then hold him at gunpoint until police arrived.

Lynn, McMann and Jones all suffered non-life-threatening injuries, while Watson was arrested for armed robbery and battery.

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