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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Salon Flips Its Lid Over Suppressor Legislation

Salon Media Group decided to jump into the suppressor discussion—and did so in their usual biased, leftist and sensationalist way. They “reported” on the Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act (SHARE Act), which was heard in the House Committee on Natural Resources on Tuesday.

Salon unsurprisingly argued against the measure, stating that easier access to suppressors would “make it easier for mass shooters to kill more people.” They apparently envision a Wild West effect where, “motivated in large part by the glamorization of guns in pop culture,” gun-toting thugs brazenly walk the streets and silently mow down anyone in their way. Another outrageous claim accuses the gun industry of using suppressors as a recruiting tool to “make guns less scary to children.”

The reality is, suppressors are designed for one reason: to preserve hearing. Charles C.W. Cooke offered up some facts here. To learn more about the SHARE Act, click here.

“Modern Family” Star Under Fire For Enthusiasm Over Guns

A 19-year-old woman decides she wants to take up shooting, so she signs up for a safety course and heads to the range. Once she passes, she poses for a few celebratory photos, then posts them on social media. Pretty typical in the gun community, right?

Not when the woman in question is a Hollywood TV star.

After Ariel Winter posted photos of herself holding firearms at the Los Angeles Gun Club, Twitter exploded. “Are you supporting gun violence?” one clueless commentor asked. “Guns are not the solution. Not something you should be proud of,” another chided.

The “Modern Family” star did receive a surprising amount of praise, however. “Good work—you’re taking a big risk with this in anti-freedom Hollywood,” one remarked. “I don’t follow celebs, but … I had to come and support another woman getting empowered to learn safety and shoot,” said a female Twitter user.  One commentor nailed it: “Strong work with training as well as standing up for a fundamental and natural right that is treated with disdain, hate and hostility by many in your line of work. Commendable.”

Gun Sales Up In August After Summer Slump

June and July were down months for gun sales in the U.S., but figures from August are being taken by many in the industry as a positive sign.

Guns.com reports that based on data from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), the worst appears to be over for firearm manufacturers and retailers. Background checks declined 12 percent in June and 26 percent in July, but August saw a modest increase of 9.4 percent. Industry executives expect sales to continue to climb with the beginning of hunting seasons in fall and holiday shopping in the winter.

CEO James Debney of American Outdoor Brands, the holding company for Smith & Wesson, stated that widespread promotions make it difficult to make specific projections at the moment. “It’s a very dynamic environment right now. You do not know what a competitor is about to do next in terms of their promotional activity.” Nevertheless, he agreed that prospects for recovery look good.

Big Win For Crossbow Hunters In Illinois

Illinois deer hunters who want to hunt with a crossbow during the state’s archery deer season won a major victory on Friday.

That’s when Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner signed House Bill 2893 into law, which will allow hunters to use a crossbow during Illinois’ official bowhunting season. Previously, individuals were only able to use a crossbow to take game if they had a physical disability that prevented them from being able to draw a traditional bow. 

According to NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, by allowing all hunters to use a crossbow, HB 2893 will improve hunter retention in the state, because a wider range of hunters will be able to go afield and enjoy Illinois’ rich hunting tradition during archery season. The new law took effect immediately upon signing.

Tennessee Woman Shoots Dangerous Stalker Hiding Under Her Bed

Children know to look under the bed for monsters. For a woman with a stalker, it was good advice as well.

The Goodlettsville, Tenn., woman had dated 52-year-old Tony Joe Gunter for two years when she discovered his “extensive criminal history” and ended the relationship. As she told Gunter to leave, he stated, “I will kill you.” This encounter set off a series of escalating episodes. Three times she came home to discover Gunter hiding inside. She changed the locks twice and filed a protective order. Finally, the woman called ADT to install a security system.

Last Tuesday, when the alarm installer had finished, she went to her bedroom to check the connection to her cell phone and noticed it was missing—and noticed Gunter’s feet under her bed. She grabbed her gun and shot Gunter in the foot, then held him at gunpoint until police arrived. The ex-boyfriend is facing charges of burglary, stalking and violating a protective order.

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