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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Researcher John Lott On Campus Carry Delirium

With all the hand-wringing and nay-saying over the new campus-carry law that took effect recently in Kansas, researcher John Lott is leading out as the voice of reason in the controversy.

In an op-ed in The Kansas City Star, Lott pointed toward the safety and success of campus carry in other states over the past several years.

“Gun control advocates in Kansas predict disaster, just as they have in each new state that adopted campus carry,” Lott wrote. “Unable to point to any actual catastrophes, opponents do their best to imagine what might go wrong.

“But at school after school, no problems have occurred. Over the decades, not a single permit holder who was allowed to carry on university property has committed a crime with his gun. No permit holder has ever gotten angry over a grade and started shooting. As far as we know, no permit holder has ever used his gun to threaten anyone on campus.”

Lott summed up his op-ed: “Many liberal professors are doomsayers about concealed carry. … A year from now, when fears have subsided, people will realize how little the professors actually know.”