Pro-2A Laws Take Effect In Texas

posted on September 6, 2017

Texas gun owners have reason to celebrate, as seven pro-gun bills became law last Friday. NRA-ILA reports that the following bills have all gone into effect:

  • SB 16, reducing the License To Carry (LTC) cost from $140 to $40;
  • HB 1819, revising statutes on the registration of suppressors to align with the federal Hearing Protection Act, as well as stating that non-NFA, short-barreled shotguns with a pistol grip are legal to own and sell;
  • SB 263, eliminating the minimum caliber requirement for demonstrating proficiency in the LTC course;
  • SB 1566, extending protection of lawful storage of firearms in locked vehicles to school employees;
  • SB 2065, exempting approved armed volunteers providing security at places of worship from the provisions of the Private Security Act;
  • HB 1935, repealing prohibition of knives such as daggers, stilettos and Bowies; and
  • HB 3784, allowing approved persons to offer online instruction for the classroom portion of LTC training.


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