Standing Guard | Colleges Spread Anti-Gun Sentiment

posted on March 26, 2018
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Originally published in the April 2018 Official Journals of the National Rifle Association

merican freedom faces no greater threat than from our academic institutions, where the most basic fundamental principles upon which our nation was founded are aggressively attacked by extreme socialists posing as honest professors.

The socialist takeover of our college campuses is part of a massive wave of socialism that, if left unchecked, threatens all of our firearm freedom and all of our American liberty we cherish and have fought so hard to defend.

America’s educational institutions were once bastions of freedom—especially the freedom of speech—where honest debate, disagreement and discussion were encouraged. Not any longer.

Now, most colleges and universities have essentially banned free speech. Anyone who disagrees with the socialist ideals of the academic elites is silenced, shamed and turned away.

Safe Speech Zones … Crayon Coloring Spaces … Pet a Puppy Zone. These are tools by which young people are coddled into the submission of socialism.

In far too many classrooms, the U.S. Constitution is ignored, and the Second Amendment discarded or bizarrely twisted to fit the socialist agenda of teachers. Principles upon which America has become the greatest nation in the world—constitutional freedom, free-market capitalism and individual responsibility—have been replaced with Marxism, socialism and a perverse culture of politically correct societal collectivism.

Socialists have hijacked our schools and colleges and are determined to hijack our youth—the new generation of American voters—in a coordinated effort to seize control of our country and impose their brand of liberal socialism upon the entire nation.

To achieve their dream, young Americans are taught national shame over exceptionalism, socialism over capitalism, and government control over self-destiny.

The collective good—socialism—over individualism.

Competition is discouraged, scores aren’t kept, everyone gets a trophy and our young people are left unprepared for the real world. Worse, they’re left at the mercy of the socialists who tempt feeble minds with vapid promises of free safe spaces, free college, free health care, free immigration, free sanctuary cities and free money.

You and I know these hollow promises lead to the end of our society, as we know it. We know that, at the end of the day, the wave of socialism we face threatens all of our freedoms and could very well destroy our nation.

The history of socialism proves it, from Soviet socialism, to Cuba, to Maoist Communism, to Venezuela. Every time, in every nation in which the scourge of socialism rises to power, its citizens are repressed and their firearms are seized. Taken.

Despite that fact, the extreme socialistic academic elites are brainwashing our youth like never before. The Communist Manifesto ranks among the three most frequently assigned texts at American universities, and Karl Marx is the most
assigned economist.

According to a study of college faculty voter registration, liberal professors vastly outnumber conservatives by a 33.5-to-1 ratio.

With the support of such an extreme, liberal faculty, chapters of Young Democratic Socialists of America jumped from 12 at the end of 2016 to 47 by June of 2017, and then to nearly 100 by the end of last year. In fact, on many campuses, students can earn academic credit for promoting socialist causes at school.

Make no mistake. Their goal is not just to create a campus of socialism. They lust for a nation of socialism.

And their playbook is wide open.

First, they’ll use their tenure to continue to choke off free speech and write off American capitalism. They’ll warp every young mind they can get their hands on, to pervert the American values we hold dear to create a brand new, socialist voter to send to the polls.

Next, these socialist elites will do everything they can to urge young voters to reject the success of President Donald Trump and elect an extreme, liberal, pro-socialism Congress in 2018.

If their socialist takeover is successful, they’ll do everything they can to render Trump ineffective, with an end goal to replace him with a screaming socialist in 2020.

And then they’ll come for us … for our freedom and for our guns. That is the tsunami of socialism that threatens every law-abiding gun owner and freedom-loving American in this country.

It is the same disaster threatening every young American in college right now—a grave threat against which all NRA members must stand and fight.


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