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Prince George Plays With Toy Gun—Egads!

Prince George Plays With Toy Gun—Egads!

When Prince George was at a polo match, he apparently decided he’d rather play with a toy gun than watch a sport he probably doesn’t yet understand. A picture of him and his friends doing that sparked a social media outcry over whether children should be able to have toy guns.

The picture, publicized Sunday, showed the family and friends relaxing on the grounds near the polo match. The adults in the photo seemed unfazed by the fact that George and a friend had toy handguns in tow.

But that didn’t stop anti-gunners from getting up on their high horse. “Completely tone deaf of Kate ... to give Prince George a toy gun. Doesn’t she read the papers in her own country with all the gun deaths?” one social media used said, with another chiming in and using the hashtag #KensingtonPalace shame.

Posts like that, in turn, drew responses from more reasonable folks, with one summing things up nicely. “See a lot of talk in the media about Prince George playing with a toy gun. He is only a 4-year-old child. Really think some of SJWs need to get a life.”

British newspapers had a field day, citing the outrage over the picture as the country struggles with an uptick in the violent-crime rate.

The criticism, by the way, comes in a country where officials are moving to ban knives—including kitchen knives—in an effort to tackle the crime problem. Yeah, that will solve it.

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