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Guns in America: Writer Makes a Case

Guns in America: Writer Makes a Case

Eric Moutsos admits from the start that he holds an unpopular opinion: He supports gun rights, even though he knows that public sentiment—at least that which is publicized—is against that these days. But he’s steadfast in his belief, so he penned an article for the Salt Lake Tribune in which he outlines his case.

And the two biggest points on the issue that he sees are these: one, without guns, America would not exist; two, we have a problem with school shootings, and we need to resolve it in a way that does not further divide the nation.

He then proceeds to make his case that we’re at a crossroads, but that we can’t afford to make the wrong turn and head further toward gun confiscation.

Much like John Lott, the NRA’s National School Shield program and other supporters of gun rights, Moutsos says that putting up “gun-free zone” signs are not the best way to protect our children. Rather, armed security of some sort makes more sense.

Nice to see that a mainstream media outlet, with a general aversion to publicizing the positive aspects of gun ownership, saw fit to print the piece. He makes his argument convincingly. Now, if we could just get some anti-gunners to read it.

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