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Thursday, June 28, 2018

3 Nurses Want To Ban Firearms in America

3 Nurses Want To Ban Firearms in America

According to a recent op-ed in The Hill, three nurses have discovered how to end gun violence once and for all—or so they believe.

The piece begins by explaining that gun violence touches all aspects of the nurses’ practice—a tacit admission that they see only the negative and overwhelmingly criminal aspects of gun use. Their answer to ending this misuse? “By definition, there would be no gun violence if there were no guns.”

While they acknowledge that the right to own guns is protected by the Constitution, and call for “a constitutional approach to address gun violence,” they clearly have no idea what that means. Instead of educating themselves on the positive aspects of gun ownership, including those that prevent crime, their solution is to simply write our freedoms out of existence. By doing so, they apparently believe the millions of firearms owned by Americans will simply vanish in a puff of smoke.

Fortunately, the premise is so outlandish that even anti-gunners are unlikely to take it as anything other than what it is—proof that having a bunch of letters behind your name doesn’t make you smart.

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