Senator Introduces Bill to Bar Federal Money from Use on Gun Registries

posted on July 2, 2018

While Michael Bloomberg and his gun control cronies push for more voter initiatives and such to undermine gun rights by state, one U.S. lawmaker is moving to protect gun owners, submitting for consideration the Gun-owner Registration Information Protection (GRIP) Act.

U.S. Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith, R-Miss., said the GRIP Act (Senate Bill 3135), would extend the prohibition on the use of federal funds for any type of gun registry. In submitting the bill, Hyde-Smith said it is necessary because some states are making headway in the direction of compiling databases of gun owners and they are using federal funds to partially underwrite such projects.

The summary of the Act states its purpose nicely: “This bill seeks to clarify existing law that bars the federal government from storing information acquired during the firearms background check process. The GRIP Act clarifies the prohibition on the use of any federal funding by states or local entities for the storage or ‘listing’ of sensitive, personal information related to the legal ownership or possession of firearms. It also reinforces that all federal agencies must refrain from such activities.”

“This legislation is needed to ensure the federal government is not involved in exploiting the personal information of law-abiding people who own or purchase firearms legally,” Hyde-Smith said.

The NRA has endorsed the bill.


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