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London Mayor Looks to Ban Cars

London Mayor Looks to Ban Cars

Are you kidding? For those people who shake their heads when the NRA says if you give anti-gunners an inch, they’ll take a mile, here is anecdotal evidence that we weren’t wrong. London Mayor Sadiq Khan wants to ban cars.

That’s right. He wants to close certain streets to motorized traffic. All because—surprise—someone drove a car into cyclists and pedestrians near Parliament Square last week.

We know guns have been on Khan’s no-no list for a while. After that failed to do much in the way of stopping crime, London politicians turned their attention to knives, with one going so far as to ask why anyone would need sharp knives in their kitchen. Now, it’s the car’s fault that someone, in a suspected terror attack, chose to use a vehicle as his weapon of choice.

If that doesn’t substantiate the notion that evil people will find a way to carry out their misdeeds, nothing will.

Here’s the thing, though, mayor. Do you really think limiting the good people of London’s choices is going to win you many votes? Basically, he’s demanding that everyone who wants to visit the heart of the city take the Underground. That would be great except that it wasn’t that long ago that someone detonated an improvised explosive device (IED) at the Parsons Green station, just one of the latest attacks on London’s subway system.

So, besides leaving his citizens defenseless, now he wants to herd them all into one mode of transportation so that criminals can target high-density areas that affect more people at one time.

Here’s a novel approach, mayor. Why don’t you and your cronies tackle the underlying factors behind crime—lack of jobs, lack of education, loss of a family structure that instills values? And while Khan might argue about the relevancy of those things with regard to a terror attack, the city might also increase its police presence and arm them better. 

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