Oh Canada, How’s That Gun Registration Working Out?

posted on January 10, 2019

Either fewer Quebeckers own guns than the government thought, or more are standing by their right to keep their personal belongings under the radar. Or the idea of registering firearms may just be a failure.

Regardless, Quebec’s Firearms Registration Act has resulted in an unimpressive number of guns being registered.

Our brethren north of the border have begun to exhibit an understanding of the consequences that could follow if the government knows what firearms you own.

When their politicians passed the act in 2018, it was predicted more 1.6 million guns would fall under the umbrella of needing to be registered. The latest numbers are in, and they show that fewer than 285,000 have been.

A pro-gun activist says this act of defiance should be a sign to the government that the law is absurd and unenforceable. “We are Canadian gun owners, and this is insulting to us,” Guy Morin said of the fact most gun owners have a high degree of disdain for the order.

Conservatives had argued against the requirement earlier, stating that it exceeded federal authority, would be difficult to enforce, wouldn’t do much for public safety and would be expensive.



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