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Student Air Rifle Program Spreads to Texas

Student Air Rifle Program Spreads to Texas

As part of an ongoing push to pique the next generation’s interest in the shooting sports, the Student Air Rifle (SAR) Program has teamed with the Weatherby Foundation and the Texas Parks and Wildlife department to bring SAR offerings to Texas schools.

The Weatherby Foundation’s part involved awarding a $20,000 grant that was used to purchase equipment for the schools and to train teachers as Basic Air Riflery Instructors (BARI).

The inaugural BARI class was completed in November, with 16 individuals enrolled. Ten of those took the extra step of being trained as BARI Trainers, which will enable them to teach more of their colleagues to be BARIs.

“We are proud to support SAR And look forward to SAR students participating in the shooting sports and related activities well into the future,” said Ricardo Longoria, president of the Weatherby Foundation.

One of SAR’s objectives is to provide students with hands-on shooting experience, but they also learn the conservation values of ethical hunting.

“SAR makes shooting sports education simple and effective with a successful train-the-trainer model,” said Steve Hall, of the Texas Parks and Wildlife. 

As the number of schools offering SAR activities increases, future students will be able to participate in tournaments that foster leadership skills, like teamwork and increased self-esteem and confidence.

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