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A Round Of Applause For Our NRA Volunteers–The Heart Of The NRA

A Round Of Applause For Our NRA Volunteers–The Heart Of The NRA

“It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.” This bit of wisdom is often attributed to President Truman, but it could have been overheard at any of the thousands of NRA events held across the country each year.

Greg Baird, Volunteer Coordinator for NRA Shows and Exhibits, had this to say about the dedication of our volunteers: “To say that volunteers are important to the success of nearly every facet of NRA’s mission would be an understatement. In fact, I don’t think NRA would exist as we know it if it weren’t for the thousands of hours that dedicated NRA volunteers log every single year. As NRA membership is the backbone of our organization, NRA volunteers are its heart.”

Paul Nelson receives his NRA Certificate of Appreciation.

Think back to a call to action within our NRA family, whether for a weekend range officer or instructor, fundraiser helpers, an organizing committee for a Friends of NRA dinner or a volunteer needed to wear the Eddie Eagle mascot costume: There is ALWAYS a special group of people who react with a “What can I do to help?” approach. These incredible people routinely take time out of their busy schedules to help.

NRA volunteers collected and delivered emergency supplies for victims of natural disasters in California.

NRA volunteers are “doers.” They are the members who show up to serve, rather than expect to be served. In response to recent events, the general manager of NRA's Member Council in California, David Halbrook said, “We have the greatest volunteers in the world–all about service to their communities.” When the Paradise fire devastated the town, NRA volunteers stepped up and delivered pallets of water, trucks loaded with clothes, bedding and toys for the victims.

From the loyal member who brings a card table to support the local youth shooting program, to the volunteer who stays up after work to write the state newsletter, to city, state and national banquet organizers–none of whom spend a moment worrying about whether they will be recognized.To each of you, we thank you!

To view a list of NRA Volunteers of the Year, visit: friendsofnra.org/National. If you’re looking for ways to volunteer, visit: volunteer.nra.org/volunteer.aspx or watch for the websites of national shows & exhibits where you will find a volunteer page. You can also call the NRA Volunteer Hotline at: (717) 620-8382.

If you see an NRA volunteer during this time of year, please extend a friendly thank you. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas from your NRA family.

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