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Join Our Vibrant Community: NRAWomen.com

Join Our Vibrant Community: NRAWomen.com

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Welcome to NRAWomen.com, the National Rifle Association’s new website dedicated to the fastest-growing community of firearm owners, hunters and defenders of freedom. This site is a home for and about those who have leveled the firearms playing field for women, whether through inspiring friends and family to take aim at the range, break clay targets, sit in a blind, pull a trigger, conserve wildlife or fiercely protect their loved ones from those who would do them harm. We will proudly welcome, support and give voice to the women who bravely walk headfirst into ongoing battles in states where gun rights hang in the balance, defending the firearm freedoms defined in our Constitution, and the rights endowed to us by our Creator.

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NRAWomen.com Is About Bravery. 
About conquering fear. It’s about mentorship and empowerment. At NRAWomen.com you’ll learn about refusing to be a victim, becoming an Armed Citizen®, and attending NRA events like the Women’s Wilderness Escape or a Women on Target® Instructional Clinic.

NRAWomen.com Is About Camaraderie.
It’s about embracing the thousands of women who experience a powerful sisterhood and shared values. It’s for first-timers at the range, lifelong gun owners and freedom-loving patriots who defend the Second Amendment. A complete resource for women, youth and families, the site will offer how-to videos for firearm use and maintenance, firearm terminology, gear, 2A resources and much more.

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NRAWomen.com Is About Leadership.
It’s about following in the footsteps of courageous women, past and present, about standing up in their communities and their nation to promote freedom. 

At NRAWomen.com you will learn more about Second Amendment themed awards and scholarships, the NRA Women’s Leadership Forum and read profiles of women who are passionately supporting these endeavors.

Ultimately, NRAWomen.com is about you. If you’re a man reading this, it’s for all the women in your life—wife, mother, sister, daughter, granddaughter, niece, co-worker—who must join NRA to strengthen its women’s movement.

Join NRA Today:
Membership.nra.org/WomenOfNRA/Join or call 866-359-4868. Each and every woman who proudly supports NRA should be heard. Your individual voice is powerful. But we are strongest coming together at NRAWomen.com.

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