A Letter to Biden From Anti-Gun Legislators

posted on March 17, 2021
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President Joe Biden has quickly made himself known as the “executive action” president, signing more executive orders in his first month than any other modern-day president; however, as this was being written, he’d yet to try to force upon America the anti-gun agenda his campaign website outlined.

Apparently frustrated by that lack of executive action concerning gun control, many gun-control advocates are getting antsy. And some—including quite a few anti-Second Amendment members of Congress—are getting downright demanding.

Led by Reps. Joe Neguse (CO) and Lucy McBath (GA), both Democrats, 36 anti-gun representatives signed on to a letter, dated February 26, to Biden demanding that he appoint an anti-Second Amendment-efforts czar.

“We write today to request that you appoint a National Director of Gun Violence Prevention and empower this newly appointed official to create and chair an Interagency Task Force on Gun Violence Prevention,” the letter said. “In the face of persistent and growing gun violence across our nation, appointing a National Director of Gun Violence Prevention to communicate and coordinate across federal agencies, and empowering them to create an Interagency Task Force to implement a comprehensive government approach to address this violence, will help bring our nation out from under the depths of the gun violence crisis.”

In a nutshell, what the representatives are asking for is a tax-payer funded federal gun-ban czar to try to work with Biden, and various government agencies, on ways to circumvent the Second Amendment-protected right to keep and bear arms.

In the incredibly redundant letter, the legislators requested over and over that this director be given the power to work with all agencies on a number of what would almost certainly be anti-gun initiatives.

“Currently, federal efforts to combat gun violence, including research on the impacts and causes of gun violence and law enforcement efforts to combat it, are siloed across agencies,” the letter continued. “Appointing a National Director for Gun Violence to promote coordination of federal agencies will ensure those agencies are working collaboratively, including via the dissemination of critical data and coordination of shared goals. …”

In referring to research, the anti-gun congressmen and women are, of course, lightly touching on their long-standing assertion that current federal law forbids the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other agencies from conducting research on the topic of gun violence. They have made this claim over and over in the past, and have called for a change in the supposed law.

In reality, they are referring to the Dickey Amendment, a provision in the 1996 omnibus spending bill that didn’t actually prohibit firearms research; it simply made it illegal for tax dollars to be used to advocate for gun control. There’s obviously a huge difference, and these federal representatives apparently would like to see the CDC back in the anti-gun advocacy business.

Whether Biden bows to their demands and names a gun-ban czar remains to be seen. At one time during his campaign, he had pledged to make former Texas Congressman, failed U.S. Senate candidate, and rabid Second Amendment-hater Beto O’Rourke his gun-control point man after he was knocked off the list of Democrat presidential hopefuls. So far, he hasn’t done so.

With Congress currently taking up several gun-control measures, it might be a moot point. But if pro-freedom senators are able to stand strong and defeat the anti-gun schemes proposed in Congress, we might just see a now-hesitant Biden start making moves to restrict our right to keep and bear arms through executive action.


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