2021 NRA Col. Charles H. Mitchell Trainer of Distinction: Mr. Dennis Doll Of Tampa, Florida

posted on July 31, 2022
Joseph P. DeBergalis Jr.

This month I want to highlight Mr. Dennis Doll, who was named last year’s NRA Col. Charles H. Mitchell Trainer Of Distinction. One of our highest honors, this award is bestowed for extraordinary dedication and performance in development and support of NRA training programs. An exceptional individual who is generous with his time and skills, Dennis’ beneficial impact on the NRA training community is unquestionable.

The Trainer Of Distinction award is named for Col. Charles Mitchell, the NRA manager of training for more than 20 years. “Mitch” always provided a positive influence to everyone around him as a role model and mentor, with a lifelong dedication to the NRA, and especially training programs. To receive the Trainer Of Distinction award means to go above and beyond the normal scope of duty by volunteering time and efforts to help move NRA programs forward.

For as long as I can remember, Dennis Doll has been known as the “go-to” Training Counselor in the state of Florida. He currently serves as NRA’s Region Six Training Counselor Liaison for the Southeastern states. A volunteer position, Dennis acts as a communications conduit between the NRA Education and Training Division and the thousands of Training Counselors working in his region. Having Dennis in this vital role has helped many in his area to receive NRA firearms instruction. Additionally, he is an NRA Law Enforcement Programs Instructor, an NRA Life Member, Benefactor Member, and Golden Eagle Member, plus an NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program (MQP) Triple Distinguished Expert.

With a wealth of knowledge to share, Dennis spends much of his time in training programs. He also has nearly unmatched dedication to refining his craft. The NRA’s Director of Education and Training Programs, John Howard, has known him for many years. “Dennis has been an NRA Instructor since 1983 and attended his first Training Counselor Workshop in 1992, when he became a Training Counselor,” Howard said. “Since that workshop he has attended three more, just for refreshers and to stay up to date. I don’t know anyone that has attended that many workshops as a ‘student.’”

Dennis has personally taught more than three thousand students and certified more than 550 instructors. He is also using his considerable knowledge and dedication to help teach youth shooters. “Working with youth has been my passion of late,” Dennis told us. “These are the folks who will be carrying on our rights in this country.”

As a Training Counselor myself, I understand the amount of dedication it takes to properly do the job. People such as Dennis Doll, who are willing to sacrifice their time to support NRA programs, are vital to the future of the Second Amendment and the shooting sports. Learn more about NRA Training programs at firearmtraining.nra.org.


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