30 Years Of Giving Back

posted on July 25, 2020

For some, the headlines about freedom and our future may sound like someone else’s business. It’s exactly what the NRA Foundation has been supporting for the last 30 years. 

In spite of the pandemic, the NRA Foundation has continued to champion for the programs we hold most dear. While its Friends of NRA program has been put on hold during these uniquely trying times, like many other activities across this great nation, we have been working diligently to come back stronger than ever. One hundred percent of the net proceeds from the NRA Foundation’s Friends of NRA program are used to support charitable Second Amendment-related programs. What’s really unique about the way the Foundation administers those funds is the split with the State Fund areas who raise the money through local Friends banquets and events. At least half of those funds remain in the state where they were raised, with grant awards prioritized by the State Fund Committees who know their local needs best. For example, the average State Fund grant of approximately $4,000 may help cover a club’s expenses to send their youth airgun shooters to the state championships, outfit a team with recreational ammunition and targets, or make Eddie Eagle available to a local elementary school at no charge to the parents. The remaining “national” share, along with other contributions and endowment distributions, makes it possible for the NRA Foundation to fund eligible NRA programs such as NRA School Shield, NRA Education and Training, scholarships, and competitive shooting tournaments. 

If your eligible organization or program needs funding assistance, you’re invited to apply for a grant through the NRA Foundation each fall. Application deadlines vary by State Fund area, so be sure to verify the deadline specific to your area. More information can be found on the NRA Foundation’s website at nrafoundation.org/grants

Giving Back
While this year has been a challenge, we’ve proven how strong we are when we unite. Your donations contribute directly to our freedom and our future. Your gift of any size to the NRA Foundation will make a difference. Those gifts can be made through the mail by check, online or over the phone by credit card. Many of us are just trying to support our own families this year, so giving to the NRA Foundation might come in the form of volunteering your time or gifting from your estate, rather than reaching for your wallet. Whatever support is right for you and your family, please contact the Foundation at 877-NRA-GIVE, email [email protected], or look through the complete list of options at nrafoundation.org

shooting at range

There are likely NRA members who have struggled this year due to COVID-19. As the country begins to re-open, please consider supporting all of those who support our Second Amendment rights. Consider visiting a re-opened range, booking instruction with an NRA-certified instructor or stopping by your local FFL to purchase firearms, ammunition or accessories. The NRA Business Alliance program was established in 1992 to provide NRA member businesses with a marketplace to sell goods and services to fellow NRA members. Here is a link to our Business Alliance Directory that will allow you to sort businesses by state and category of business —nraba.org/BA/Directory.

We’ll soon be back together celebrating freedom.


boxing gloves
boxing gloves

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