A Year After Bruen, and this is Happening?

posted on May 20, 2023

The big win in the NRA-back U.S. Supreme Court case New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen (2022) has resulted in litigation across the country.

Who better to ask about this critical constitutional period than Stephen P. Halbrook, a constitutional attorney, author and contributor to America’s 1st Freedom?

When it decided Bruen the high court found that, yes indeed, our Second Amendment freedom does go with us when we leave our homes.

This ruling sent several cases back down to the lower courts and it has since resulted in a lot of challenges of unconstitutional gun-control laws.

Meanwhile, however, some courts are engaged in massive resistance against Bruen, just as they were after Heller v. D.C. (2008) was decided; as a result, what is unfolding is a critical “part of a larger historical struggle between freedom and slavery,” says Halbrook.

But what will all of this mean for the future of our freedom?



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