A Year Of Freedom

posted on April 5, 2016

This month, A1F Daily celebrates its first full year of news, views, discussion and all things Second Amendment. It has been a wild—yet very necessary—ride.

Fifteen years ago, the nation’s oldest civil rights organization needed a way to alert Americans to threats to their firearm freedoms, and America’s 1st Freedom magazine was born. Yet the threats to our freedom have evolved over the years. A monthly magazine simply didn’t have enough pages to fight the daily attacks by hostile media conglomerates, super-empowered billionaires, Twitter-obsessed celebrities, career bureaucrats and arrogant elected officials at all levels of government. 

Enter A1F Daily—a labor of love for a staff that is dedicated to providing the very best Second Amendment news anywhere. And if anything, in this crucial presidential election year, the news and views presented on this website are more critical than ever. 

But before we talk about where we are going, let’s take a quick look at where we have been. With more than 1,600 First Things First news shorts and more than 700 full-length feature stories ranging from hard news, to commentary, to instructional columns, to gun reviews, to Armed Citizen reports, we’ve covered a vast array of topics in a wide variety of ways. 

Of course, quantity isn’t everything. In racking up those numbers, we have thoroughly covered some of the biggest stories and the biggest ongoing issues over the 12 months. 


We took on Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun website The Trace with our special 17-part “No Trace Of Truth” series

We have published several important feature stories about the out-of-control murder rate in the war zone we call Chicagoland. 

We’ve focused on how your daily choices change the amount of danger you face in our new Vulnerability Index feature. 

We’ve repeatedly shined the light of truth on the blatantly anti-gun Democratic presidential candidates and some of their outlandish gun-control proposals. 

And we’ve focused on the critical issue of the U.S. Supreme Court and that institution’s importance to the very future of freedom. 

We don’t mention all these things to brag—well, maybe a little. Unfortunately, 2016 yields us little opportunity to stop and celebrate this one-year milestone. 

Too many threats still exist to our right to keep and bear arms. And these threats are coming from too many sources, with far too much money. 

We face the dire possibility of a Hillary Clinton presidency, funded by George Soros and other gun-hating billionaires. We face the frightening prospect of a Supreme Court with far more anti-gun justices than those who respect our individual right to keep and bear arms. We face Michael Bloomberg-funded attacks on our liberties at the state level from sea to shining sea. And we face big-city politicians trying to fix runaway violent crime in their cities by making it harder for law-abiding citizens to practice their Second Amendment rights.

In this critical election year, we have one promise for our readers: We pledge to make the next year of A1F Daily bigger and better than ever, bringing you even more of the latest and greatest in Second Amendment news.

While many of our freedoms are being chiseled into smaller pieces by the politically correct, only those freedoms enshrined in the Second Amendment are expanding—thanks largely to NRA and its members. Thank you to the thousands of NRA members and other gun owners who have made Americas1stFreedom.org their daily digital destination for the important news and commentary necessary to continue to safeguard their right to keep and bear arms.


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Gun Ad Censorship illustration

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