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posted on June 16, 2016

The white sands and gentle breezes of Miami, Fla., attract tourists and residents alike. While the relaxed atmosphere might cause some to let their guard down, the following eight accounts prove that others wisely prepare for trouble in paradise. 

A robber in Miami, Fla., approached a man at around 3 a.m., drew a gun and ordered him to hand over his belongings. The man responded by drawing his own gun and exchanging fire with the criminal, who fled the scene. The armed citizen was struck once in the shoulder and taken to a local hospital; his wounds were not life threatening. (Miami Herald, Miami, Fla., 4/4/2011)

A man was walking in the Plantation neighborhood of Miami, Fla., when he was attacked by a dog. The man, a Right-to-Carry permit holder, drew his firearm and fired at the dog. After being struck in the tail, the dog ended its attack. Both the man and the dog suffered only minor injuries, and are expected to recover. (Miami Herald, Miami, Fla., 10/30/2008)

Alerted by the sound of screaming children, Paulo Jean stepped outside his home, where he heard the children yelling, “Trouble is out!” Jean was familiar with Trouble, an aptly named pit bull, and rushed to the scene. The dog immediately attacked, viciously biting Jean’s arms and buttocks. Jean drew a pocket-holstered .380-caliber handgun and fired three shots, killing the dog. (Miami Herald, Miami, Fla., 1/11/2008)

Hygens Labidou was operating his roofing truck when two men began yelling about his driving. According to police, the men, who were white, got out of their vehicle and yelled racial slurs while approaching Labidou, who is black. The men, one of whom was armed with a knife, pounded on the truck and tried to yank Labidou out through the door, screaming, “[Expletive], get out of the truck!”  Fearing for his life, Labidou, a concealed-carry permit holder, drew a handgun and shot both men twice. One suspect died, and the other went to jail. Labidou was not injured. (Miami Herald, Miami, Fla., 12/19/2007)

A Miami attorney was exiting a parking lot after work when he was rushed by an armed robber wearing a ski mask and carrying handcuffs in his pocket. According to authorities, the attorney tried to race from the parking lot, but the security gate opened too slowly. His assailant aimed a pistol and tried to shoot, but the victim believes the gun malfunctioned. The victim was then able to retrieve a handgun from his glove box and fired several shots at his assailant, killing him. A second hidden suspect fled the scene. (Miami Herald, Miami, Fla., 3/3/2007)

Just four months after burglars stole jewelry worth thousands of dollars from a Florida townhouse, four suspects attempted another heist. This time, however, the homeowners’ 26-year-old son was sleeping inside. According to police, Richard McKinley heard someone entering the home, grabbed a handgun and went to investigate. He confronted four burglars, and pointed his gun at them while demanding their hasty departure. Instead they began struggling with McKinley, and he opened fire. One intruder died instantly, and the others fled. “[McKinley] took it upon himself to defend himself, and I’d do the same thing he did,” said a neighbor. (Miami Herald, Miami, Fla., 9/21/2006)

Felicia Moss was getting out of her Lexus at her Pembroke Pines, Fla., apartment complex when a man walked up to her and demanded money. Moss stalled by getting her wallet, and at the same time reached for the 9 mm handgun she has a permit to carry. After a brief struggle, Moss fired, and the would-be robber fled. She then disabled his car with a final round. (Miami Herald, Miami, Fla., 10/19/2004) 

Garnett Campbell had left home early one morning in order to withdraw cash from a bank’s ATM. As he stood at one machine waiting for his cash, a man standing at the next machine made a threatening gesture and ordered, “Give me all your money.” A brief struggle ensued during which the two wrestled on the ground. Finally, Campbell drew his licensed handgun and fired, mortally wounding the would-be robber, who fled and shortly thereafter crashed his vehicle into a convenience store. (Miami Herald, Miami, Fla., 12/18/1999)


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