Armed Self-Defense: One Fateful Day In March

posted on March 17, 2022

If you listen to the Los Angeles Times, the worst thing any homeowner can do is purchase a firearm for defense of themselves and their family.

On January 31, the Times published an op-ed by Dr. Steven J. Sainsbury, a hospice and geriatric physician from San Luis Obispo, Calif., titled “Thinking of buying a gun for self-defense? Don’t do it.” In the op-ed, Sainsbury attempts to make the case that there are hardly any successful armed self-defense episodes, and having a gun in your home is far more likely to lead to the homeowner being killed than using the gun for self-defense.

It’s a good thing three homeowners in Fontana, Calif., Longview, Texas, and Lincolnton, N.C., didn’t read (or believe) Sainsbury’s anti-gun tripe, as all three of them were forced to use firearms to defend their homes on the very same day earlier this month—March 5.

In the Fontana, Calif., incident, the very same Los Angeles Times that published Sainsbury’s anti-gun editorial reported that a homeowner called police at 10:47 p.m. to say that at least one person had made illegal entry into his home; he added that he believed the intruder was armed. Grabbing his own firearm, the homeowner exchanged gunshots with the intruder.

Thankfully, in this case, the homeowner shot straighter. When police arrived, they found a man wearing gloves and a mask dead in the hallway. Police reported that the dead intruder had a semi-automatic handgun lying next to his body. The investigation continues, but police believe the homeowner justifiably defended himself against an armed intruder. radio reported that, on the same night in Longview, Texas, a woman also used her firearm to defend herself from a home intruder. Sheriff Department officials said Mathew Dillon George forced his way into a Longview residence while the homeowner was present.

According to reports, George was given a verbal warning to leave, but refused to heed that warning. Fearful for her safety, the woman shot George, who was found at the scene by authorities and taken to a hospital.

Harrison County Sheriff Brandon “B.J.” Fletcher put that self-defense episode into perspective for the media.

“This entire incident is an excellent example of the importance of our Second Amendment,” Sheriff Fletcher said. “I am thankful the homeowner was unharmed, but also thankful the suspect in this episode will now face his consequences through the judicial system; it could have ended a lot worse.”

In North Carolina, a homeowner in Lincolnton was also forced to use a gun to defend his home on March 5.

According to a report at, Charles Mayberry went to a home where his wife was living in order to confront her and the homeowner. Authorities say that after Mayberry pushed his way into the house and got into an altercation with the homeowner, the homeowner ran to the back bedroom. When he was pursued, he fired one shot, grazing Mayberry’s forehead. He then ran next door and called authorities.

Mayberry was arrested after being released from the hospital. Since then, he has been charged with felony breaking and entering and other charges.

In the end, Dr. Sainsbury, who wrote the op-ed on the “ineffectiveness” of armed self-defense, likely wouldn’t want to hear about these three successful cases where use of firearms likely saved lives. Fortunately for the victims who defended themselves successfully, they hadn’t subscribed to his anti-gun theory about self-defense.


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