Biden Bets on Gun Control for 2024

posted on August 16, 2023
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With the 2024 presidential election on the not-so-distant horizon, President Joe Biden (D) is set to make gun control a central component of his campaign. This will reportedly start with the rollout of yet another executive action from Biden, with this one set to supposedly eliminate noncommercial, private firearms sales.

Put another way, this is yet another attempt from the Biden administration to move ever closer to his dream of implementing so-called “universal” background checks.

According to administration leaks to preferred media outlets, this newest executive action would build upon one released earlier this year that purported to be “moving the U.S. as close to universal background checks as possible without additional legislation.” Adding to that, the Biden administration also had help from the politically mislabeled Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA), which was passed last year and also recently abused to suit Biden’s anti-gun agenda.

“Biden has not been coy about his ambitions to push existing law as far as possible (and likely past the breaking point) toward ‘universal’ firearm background checks,” reported the NRA Institute for Legislative Action. “Biden did have legislative help from the BSCA in this effort, which amended a critical legal term concerning who is considered ‘engaged in the business’ of firearm sales, and therefore required to become a federal firearm licensee (FFL) and run background checks on all retail transfers.”

Previously, an individual only needed an FFL when engaged in “a course of trade or business” buying and reselling firearms with the “principal objective” of “livelihood and profit.” The BSCA, however, removed the “livelihood” element so that seeking profit alone would allegedly fulfill the apparent objective of requiring anyone who sells a firearm for more than they initially paid to obtain an FFL.

“The Biden Administration has already shown a distinct willingness to ignore limitations on its authority in other ambitious gun-control rulemakings, a number of which remain mired in ping-ponging judicial proceedings that have substantiated plaintiffs’ allegations of overreach. This rule will almost certainly be no different,” wrote NRA-ILA.

Vice President Kamala Harris (D), who Biden has tapped to be his “leading voice” on the issue, also spoke at an event called “Gun Sense University,” which was sponsored by the Michael Bloomberg-funded Everytown. (America’s 1st Freedom will have more on this in the near future.)

And predictably, just about every gun-control group imaginable has already endorsed Biden for 2024, including Brady, Everytown, Giffords, and more. “With these groups’ resources and organizing power, we will be able to mobilize the overwhelming majority of Americans,” said Julie Chávez Rodriguez, Biden’s campaign manager.

Biden and Harris ran as one of the most-anti-Second Amendment administrations in history a few short years ago. That they believe their anti-freedom stances should be a bedrock of their upcoming campaign should serve as a warning to all Americans.

We’ll keep you up to date on the upcoming actions of this anti-Second Amendment administration.


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