Chicago Sun-Times Still Doesn’t Understand The Gun Issue

posted on May 26, 2017

When Chicago alderman on Wednesday relaxed some of the city’s stringent rules on where shooting ranges can be located and who can use them, it was a positive step forward. What wasn’t positive, however, was the Chicago Sun-Times’ ridiculous coverage of the matter, proving the publication just doesn’t understand guns or law-abiding gun owners.

On Thursday, the newspapers’ feature began: “Chicago aldermen on Wednesday put aside their fears of appearing to be soft on crime and relaxed the city’s rigid rules on where shooting ranges can be located and who can use them.”

In real life, lawful shooting ranges, and the people who use them, have nothing to do with violent crime or with Chicago’s violent crime problem. The newspaper further reported on the city’s “unrelenting gang violence that has caused homicides and shootings to soar,” which also has no relation to lawful gun ranges operated and frequented by law-abiding citizens.



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