Concealed-Carry Permits Triple in North Carolina since 2010

posted on August 3, 2019

Rising steadily since 2010, the number of concealed-carry permits in North Carolina has tripled—indicating a growing interest in people there availing themselves to their Second Amendment rights.

As of last January, there were some 647,500 concealed-carry permits issued by the state compared to about 177,700 nine years ago, according to the State Bureau of Investigations.

These skyrocketing statistics are being widely reported in the news media in North Carolina, where local residents attest to the greater interest in being armed.

One newspaper noted: “Concealed-carry permits, which have to be renewed every five years, let the holder bear non-visible handguns in all legal spaces in North Carolina.

A local TV station interviewed a single mother who is learning about firearms. She said she started going to a gun range to learn about safety and how to shoot.

“Charlotte is on the high rise of a lot of murders and burglaries,” she commented, adding that it was time to protect herself and her children. “You don’t want to be like a sitting duck," she said. "At least put up some type of fight.”


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