Congresswoman Calls NRA Members A “Domestic Security Threat”

posted on August 14, 2017

Rep. Kathleen Rice, D-N.Y., sits on the Homeland Security Committee. So when the Congresswoman recklessly tweeted on Thursday night that “NRA and Dana Loesch are quickly becoming domestic security threats under President Trump”—in essence, declaring war on law-abiding gun owners—it did not go unnoticed.

Loesch quickly responded to being called an enemy of the state and asked Rice to explain why she and millions of others would be labeled as such by an elected government official. Other Twitter users chimed in by joining or donating to the NRA. The International Business Times posted several other comments, one read, “You know who’s a domestic security threat to Long Island which you represent? MS-13 not the NRA and Dana Loesch.” And another fired back that, “The Dems and Kathleen Rice are quickly becoming threats to freedom of speech.”

It seems the real threat here is Rep. Rice, who is weaponizing her seat in Congress to further her liberal agenda. With Rice having the power to legally target those she disagrees with, it’s time that she be removed from her Homeland Security position.


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