Crimson Trace Branches Out to Riflescopes

posted on October 15, 2018

Crimson Trace, long noted as a leader in the field of gun lasers, has announced that it is making 11 new riflescopes designed for a broad spectrum of gun owners. The magnification specs range from 1-4x24mm in the sporting line to 5-25x56mm for long-range shooting.

“We’re extremely excited to enter the large and diverse riflescope market with these feature packed products,” said Lane Tobiassen, president of Crimson Trace and American Outdoor Brands Corp.’s Electro-Optics Division. “Consumers can expect the same high-quality engineering and design that Crimson Trace has been providing for nearly 25 years.”

The scopes feature advanced exterior and interior components that were designed in Oregon by Crimson Trace. The turrets are easily adjustable, even when the user is wearing gloves. Internal components are designed to reduce glare so hunters get a clearer image of their prey.

The optics include advanced ED fully multi-coated Japanese glass with illuminated custom reticles in the first focal plane, and they incorporate seven custom-designed reticles with specific purposes and applications.

Depending on size and model, the MSRP will range from $499 to $1,999.


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