Democrats Join Massachusetts Attorney General’s Gun-Ban Charade

posted on August 16, 2016
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As we reported here, last month Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey took it upon herself to unilaterally redefine Massachusetts’ semi-automatic gun ban, effectively banning millions of additional semi-automatic firearms with nothing more than the stroke of her pen. 

Now, with Massachusetts gun owners scrambling to figure out whether Healey’s redefinition of banned “assault weapons” has turned their firearms into contraband—and turned law-abiding people into overnight criminals—Democrats are lining up in Massachusetts to applaud the scheme.

Last week, Healey apparently convinced Democrats and allied groups to join the cheering section in Boston for her new gun ban-by-decree. 

In pep rallies staged for the press, with the obligatory backdrop of uniformed police, earnest ministers and tearful victims’ moms,  Healey recruited one Democrat after another to defend her false-hearted and plainly extralegal maneuver. 

As press reports detailed, on Tuesday it was the Massachusetts Medical Society that stepped forward to “applaud” Healey’s gimmick, as the president of that group, Dr. James Gessner, said in a letter sent to Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker and the leaders of the Massachusetts House and Senate. 

Who better to huck Healey’s ham-fisted gun-ban hogwash than doctors? 

After all, doctors are smart with a capital “S,” right? Hillary Clinton and AG Healey can surround themselves with armed security 24/7/365 ... because they’re important! The rest of us can just sit down, shut up, do as we’re told and take our medicine.… your chances of being murdered in Massachusetts by a criminal with a rifle are about four orders of magnitude lower than your chances of being killed by a doctor through a so-called “medical misadventure.”

In supporting Healey’s executive gun ban on the medical group’s website, Dr. Gessner said the group was “guided by the principles of reducing the number of deaths, disabilities and injuries attributable to guns ...”

That sounds great—until you realize that your chances of being murdered in Massachusetts by a criminal with a rifle are about four orders of magnitude lower than your chances of being killed by a doctor through a so-called “medical misadventure.”

Not a single person was killed in Massachusetts with a rifle in 2014—or 2012 or 2011 or 2010. In fact, over the past five years in Massachusetts, a grand total of two people were killed with rifles of any kind, let alone so-called “assault rifles.” 

But in that same five-year timeframe, an estimated 10,000 Massachusetts residents died due to medical screw-ups by those very same doctors who want to tell us how to live or die. 

Indeed, depending on who you ask, medical misadventures are either the sixth-leading or the third-leading cause of death in America today. 

The only way to stop them from banning guns … is to hand these Democrats a defeat on Election Day so devastating that they drop their dishonest blame-and-ban-guns campaign for the next 16 years.So it’s understandable that doctors might want to change the subject—just as Hillary Clinton and her fellow Democrats want to do in this election year. They don’t want to talk about their own toxic and too-often-deadly policies. So they try to change the subject by blaming your right to keep and bear arms.

That’s what they did again in Boston last Thursday. In a letter to the editor of the Boston Globe, Massachusetts U.S. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey, along with all nine members of Congress from Massachusetts—all Democrats—joined together to support Healey’s gun-ban edict. 

So, too, did 19 Massachusetts mayors and five former Massachusetts attorneys general—again, all Democrats. 

It’s a classic case of arrogant executive overreach—a young attorney general who, like her fellow Democrats across the country, apparently thinks that the political marketplace is right to sell gun-control gimmicks that take away your right to own a gun, so that she can pretend to be fighting crime. 

Yet Healey’s directive redefining the law by fiat is so poorly written—or craftily written, depending on your view of her intelligence or integrity (or lack thereof)—and so vague, so ambiguous and so open to interpretation that, as Massachusetts Public Safety and Security Secretary Daniel Bennett suggested, it could be read to outlaw virtually every semi-automatic rifle and pistol there is

It’s one thing for Democrats to bet the farm on gun control in Massachusetts, where being a Republican may not be exactly illegal, strictly speaking, but isn’t exactly encouraged, either. 

But for Democrats to make gun control not just a central issue, but also a defining issue—not just in Massachusetts, but nationwide, as presidential nominee Clinton, vice-presidential nominee Tim Kaine, and the entire Democrat establishment have done in this election—is something we haven’t seen in this country for 16 years. 

The only way to stop them from banning guns—as Healey has done in Massachusetts by decree, and as Clinton has vowed to do nationwide, whether by executive order or confiscations couched as “gun buybacks”—is to hand these Democrats a defeat on Election Day so devastating that they drop their dishonest blame-and-ban-guns campaign for the next 16 years.


The only way to win at the polls this November is to get every gun owner you know on board. Get them registered to vote. Get them educated on the issues facing our freedoms in these elections. And get them to the polls on Election Day. Don’t let the gun-banners get away with giving up our freedoms without a fight.


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roll of I Voted stickers

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