Despite Being in an Open-Carry State, Cub Foods Asks Customers to Not Bring Guns There

posted on November 4, 2019

Photo Wikimedia Commons Runner1928.

Despite open carry being legal in the state, Minnesota-based grocery chain Cub Foods recently announced on Twitter that it will no longer allow customers to open carry firearms in its stores.

Cub Foods changed its policy on Oct. 11 after receiving “concerns and feedback shared by many of [its] customers following the recent tragic events throughout our country,” the company said in a tweet.

Cub Foods’ full statement on firearms, e-cigarettes and vaping Twitter reads: “CUB’s top priority is the safety and wellbeing of all our customers. After careful review and consideration, we’re taking the reasonable and prudent precautions on the following:

“E-cigarettes and vaping: Due to the increasing questions from the health community and complex regulatory environment associated with these products, we will discontinue the sale of e-cigarettes and vaporizers.

Open carry firearms: While Minnesota is an open-carry state that allows individuals with lawful permits to carry firearms, we also respect the concerns and feedback shared by many of our customers following the recent tragic events throughout our country. Therefore, we’re respectfully asking our customers, other than authorized law enforcement officials, to no longer openly carry firearms into our stores.”

Responses on Twitter were mixed between those thanking Cub Foods for the decision and others questioning why law-abiding customers should be punished.

When one Twitter user asked whether or not he could carry concealed, the store responded, “We’re asking for those with permits to not openly carry firearms in our stores for the comfort of all our guests. Those with a permit are still able to conceal carry their firearm.”

Founded in 1968, Cub Foods notes that it is “bringing more to your table by providing the best grocery value to [their] customers.” The chain of grocery stores, headquartered in Stillwater, Minn., has over 80 stores and is a subsidiary of SuperValu Inc.

America’s 1st Freedom reached out to Cub Foods, but its media spokesman was unavailable for comment.

Cub Foods has joined an increasing number of stores—including Walmart, CVS and others—that no longer allow law-abiding citizens to openly carry firearms in stores.

However, other stores, such as Rural King, have taken a firm stance in defense of your rights and reaffirmed their commitment to the Second Amendment.


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