DNC Part 1: The Big Lie About “Gun Violence”

posted on July 28, 2016

The orchestrated push for so-called “gun violence” prevention by those at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia—inside and outside the convention hall—is based on a misleading false narrative that gun-ban advocates and the anti-gun media will never address.

From former Congresswoman turned gun-ban advocate Gabby Giffords’ poorly attended rally outside of the convention hall to celebrities speaking from the podium during primetime, all want those in attendance and watching on TV to believe that guns are the problem. Hence, the term “gun violence” is thrown around as carelessly as Hillary Clinton handles her email server.

The main false narrative—no, let’s just call it what it is, a lie—so far at the convention is that there exists such a thing as “gun violence.” In truth, it’s a made-up term by those who oppose private firearm ownership and want to restrict it as much as possible. 

… the term “gun violence” is thrown around as loosely as Hillary Clinton handles her email server.As Democrat after Democrat talks about rampant crime in Chicago and a handful of other big cities this year, what they are actually referring to is criminal violence—and, more specifically, criminal drug-gang, turf-war violence. By completely ignoring the hardened criminals that are killing each other—and killing innocent citizens—on the streets of some cities, they want you to believe there is some kind of “gun violence” problem. But their tactic of equating crime committed by gangbangers with guns to gun ownership by law-abiding citizens for the purposes of hunting, sport, competition and self-defense is used simply to mislead those who want to believe guns are bad. 

Here’s the truth: Some cities have a problem with violent crime. But it’s not a “gun violence” problem; it’s a criminal problem. And you can’t solve it by passing more laws that only affect law-abiding Americans.

Here are a few other false narratives (lies) that have already been trumpeted at the convention.

  • That America doesn’t already have “responsible gun laws.” Law-abiding Americans abide by so many different gun laws that we often have to search the Internet just to make sure we aren’t violating some state or federal gun law while going about our daily business. Criminals, like the gangbangers wreaking havoc in Chicago, don’t even follow the existing laws against assault and murder. Nor do they have to: In Chicago, a slap on the wrist is de rigueur for gun crimes, and has been for decades. Adding more gun laws is laughable to them, and there will always be a black market to meet their needs. Regular Americans, meanwhile, will become ever more defenseless.

  • That shooting deaths by law enforcement officers—whether justified or not—have some connection to law-abiding gun owners and our rights. Police shootings and private gun ownership by law-abiding Americans as protected by the Constitution are completely separate topics that have nothing to do with each other. Combining them is just another disingenuous way to paint gun owners in a negative light.

  • That guns are just “too easy to get.” We’ve heard President Barack Obama say it’s easier to buy a Glock than a book. And we’ve heard California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom say it’s easier to get a gun than a Happy Meal. And we all know that both are nothing more than utter B.S.That’s because gun owners know that “gun control” is less about guns, and more about control.

    Truth is, anyone buying a gun from a dealer must pass a background check conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). And anyone selling a gun, even through a private sale, to a prohibited person or to someone intending to use the gun to commit a crime is already committing a felony (as is the buyer). Teenage gangbangers stealing, buying or borrowing guns from other gang members are already committing enough felonies to keep them in federal prison for years. Adding another law or two to the list won’t change their actions.

  • That gun control is about guns. Gun-ban advocates are trying to move away from any conversation about “gun control,” pushing more for “gun violence prevention” and “common-sense gun safety measures.” That’s because gun owners know that “gun control” is less about guns, and more about control. Gun-ban advocates want to control those of us who choose to practice our Second Amendment-protected rights by actually keeping and bearing arms. If they control our gun ownership, they can control the rest of our liberties. When they make their statements about “common-sense gun safety” and “gun violence prevention,” never forget they are talking about controlling gun ownership and all of the rest of our lives—and the lives of every future American, irrespective of what dangers the future may hold. 

Check here again tomorrow for more on the Democratic National Convention and the party’s war on law-abiding American gun owners.


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