Doctor Responds to AMA’s Anti-Gun Stance

posted on January 4, 2018

It’s no secret that the American Medical Association (AMA) has often taken a decidedly anti-gun stance, calling “gun violence” a public health crisis rather than the criminal violence problem that it actually is. But that approach isn’t flying with some medical professionals. Here is a letter one person wrote to rebut the AMA’s recent editorial on guns.                 

I couldn’t sit back and ignore what I’ve just read. A mass editorial, entitled “Death by Gun Violence—A Public Health Crisis,” was recently published by the AMA. It was printed in the December 2017 issues of all 12 subspecialty journals and authored by all 12 subspecialty editors. The final sentence and point was: “But the key to reducing firearm deaths in the United States is to understand and reduce exposure to the cause, just like any epidemic, and it this case that is guns.”

I beg to differ, AMA; a gun is a tool owned by millions of responsible citizens. The real key to reducing firearm deaths in the United States is to understand and reduce exposure to the real cause—evil and criminal behavior.

Unfortunately, the article was one-sided and short-sighted. No studies on the benefits of gun ownership were presented. Some benefits include personal protection or prevention of crime, often without even the need to discharge the firearm. There is a larger issue evident. The anti-Second Amendment political agenda has infiltrated all 12 editors of the 12 subspecialty journals published by the AMA. The purpose of the organization has been degraded and is plagued with negative politics. Physicians desire an organization that stands for something fairly simple to represent our profession and keep us up to date on providing the best patient care. Trust has been lost and is likely reflected by poor membership numbers of practicing physicians.

In these times, many major organizations are plagued with corruption. Most news media outlets no longer provide news, but instead offer scam reports by polished actors. I thank God one organization, the NRA, stands strong and steady with a track record of fighting for liberty, clear thinking and individual freedom for over a century.

David R. Adams, M.D., PharmD
Life member, Hershey, Pa.

Thank you, David, for pointing out the anti-gun bias that prevails in so many publications these days.

This medical professional isn’t alone in his opposition to the AMA’s anti-gun advocacy efforts. Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership (DRGO) is a coalition of healthcare professionals who support the Second Amendment. The group is initiating an outreach program where it will help connect patients and gun-friendly doctors. DRGO thinks that effort,, will be the prescription for what ails gun owners who don’t feel comfortable if their doctor ask questions about gun ownership, especially when the provider is decidedly anti-gun. The patient portal is expected to be up and running soon.


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