Early A.M. Break-In Foiled By San Diego Homeowner With Handgun

posted on April 6, 2017

“At 3:45 I heard noises downstairs, and I sat up. There was a flash of light, so I knew there was someone in the home.” 

That’s when the University City, Calif., homeowner, who had moments before been awakened by his barking dog, grabbed his 9 mm. 

Officers told San Diego’s KFMB-TV that the homeowner, named Kurt, then took his firearm for a look. “As I was coming down the staircase, I have the laser on. There seemed to be more rumbling and someone was in the foyer and living room, and that's when I fired.” The homeowner shot three rounds, chasing two suspects away. 

Kurt told police that the fleeing invaders stole a nail gun, though investigators say it appeared the break-in might be related to his Mercedes, which was parked outside.


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