Everytown, Lies And Business As Normal

posted on April 9, 2015

Much like the old philosophical “If a tree falls in the forest …” question, today we pose one of our own: “If 13,000 criminals ‘obtain’ guns online, yet no guns were actually sold to criminals nor bought by criminals, is Everytown For Gun Safety up to its normal B.S.?”

The answer is “yes.” The Bloomberg-funded group’s recently released report from an “investigation” in Oregon—not ironically a state where universal background check legislation is being considered in the state legislature—is nothing more than conjecture and lies. No matter how you review the data, one fact stands out—the statistics are completely made up. No guns were bought in the investigation. No guns were sold in the investigation. No criminals “obtained” guns in the investigation.

The bogus study provides additional proof that gun-banners simply can’t make an honest argument to justify more restrictive gun-control legislation. Instead, they depend on half-truths, prevarication, lies and fictional criminals buying guns that were never sold.



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