Four Firearms Tips for a Safe Holiday Season

posted on December 26, 2018
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The holiday season is a time of families and friends coming together, guests visiting the house and getting out of the day-to-day routine. With all that fun, however, can come an increased risk of firearms-related accidents: kids other than your own that haven’t been educated about firearms, less supervision, Grandma’s extra-strong eggnog etc.  

Here are four tips to ensure that his holiday season remains a safe one:  

Keep firearms that aren’t for home defense locked in a safe, unloaded  
We know, the gold-plated M4 you got ‘plundering around in Iraq’ is awesome to show your friends, but it probably isn’t your main home defense weapon (oh, and they know it isn’t from Iraq, you were a line cook in the National Guard). Keep it and the rest of your arsenal locked up and unloaded so that curious hands don’t find them.    

Secure your home defense weapon either on your person or using a rapid release gun lock or safe   
Obviously, your home defense weapon needs to be available in case of an emergency so keep it ready on your person under your ugly Christmas sweater or usa a rapid-access gun lock or safe like ZORE X Core or GunVault Speed Vault to keep it secure. That will ensure you’re ready to go if needed, but unauthorized users can’t get into trouble.    

If you’re planning on hitting the eggnog, keep your gun locked up  
Drinking and driving are a pretty bad combination.  A loaded firearm and 4 shots of Jack can also be...unwise.  So, if you’re planning on drinking more than a casual beer or glass of wine, put your gun in a safe place so you can enjoy your time without worrying about accidents.    

Tip: If you feel the need to have someone on protection duty, a ‘designated defender’ isn’t a bad idea.   
Exercise extra precaution in case you hear a bump in the night – it might just be the guests


As gun owners we try to be as prepared as possible to defend against an intruder in our home. That means, if we hear a suspicious sound in the middle of the night, we’re ready to go with our home defense weapon and a flashlight to confront any potential dangers.  However, guests who might be harder to recognize at 2:25 AM and aren’t aware that you’re ready to charge into battle can make for a dangerous situation.  Be extra careful before pointing your weapon or pulling your trigger to ensure that your target isn’t Uncle Bobby trying to find the john after a few too many beers.  

Holidays are a great time of year – let’s keep them safe and fun.



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