Gun Control Crowd Easily Offended These Days

posted on April 28, 2018
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Remember the case of the second-grader who was suspended because he supposedly bit his toaster pastry into the shape of a gun on purpose? If you thought the war on guns couldn’t get any more ridiculous, you might be wrong.

News flash from anti-gunners: Beware of the killer T-shirts! That’s right. The latest death threat that anti-gunners see comes from a simple piece of cotton with some ink on it. Here are some recent examples of why methinks they’re taking this to the absurd.

  • In Texas, a woman called police because a man in a park was wearing a T-shirt with a “I’ll control my guns, you control your kids” message emblazoned on it.

Kind of ironic, isn’t it? Here’s a product put out by Warrior XII, a company that specializes in gear for law enforcement, first responders and military, and yet a woman was so panicked by the image of the AR-15 on it, she called 911 and reported that a “suspicious person” with a “gun holstered to his chest” was prowling around the park. Now, the man was carrying a handgun in a hip holster, but it wasn’t the actual gun that freaked out the woman, it was the T-shirt, Benbrook police said.

  • In Nevada, an 8th-grader is suing the school system, saying administrators violated his First Amendment right because he was wearing a T-shirt that advocated for the Second Amendment.

A student at Kendyl Depoali Middle School in Reno, was wearing a T-shirt sporting the Gadsden flag symbol, with the “Don’t Tread on Me” message. There was a “2A” and “USA” in opposing corners. Now, some might argue that school administrators have some leeway when it comes to dress codes, but this T-shirt didn’t even have an image of a gun on it. A teacher still though it went overboard, though, reporting saying the 8th-grader could have his “Second Amendment rights when [he] turns eighteen.” Both of his parents work in law enforcement. So much for Tinker, the 1969 Supreme Court ruling that said schools must tolerate unpopular opinions, so long as they aren’t disruptive to class. Maybe the teacher and administrators need to go back to school for civics class.

  1. In Wisconsin, school officials who had let a Second Amendment supporter wear pro-gun T-shirts for most of the school year suddenly turned the tables after Parkland. They have since told the student he can’t wear such attire, citing one shirt in particular, where the word “Love” is spelled out with a handgun, a grenade and knives.

Wisconsin Carry, upon hearing about the incident, reached out to a Georgia lawyer who has since filed suit against the school. The suit seeks only a court order for the student to be able to wear the shirts and court costs, according to Nick Clark, president of Wisconsin Carry. The lawsuit claims that the school has not experienced any problems related to students who wear non-threatening shirts with guns depicted on them.

  1. In Florida, Kyle Kashuv, one of the few students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to stand up for gun rights in the aftermath of the Feb. 14 shooting, apparently is now seen as a threat because he posted a tweet about his first experience shooting an AR-15—at a gun range with his father.

After he uploaded his comment and a picture to social media, school officials told him to report to the school resource officer, where he apparently was interrogated by a couple of law enforcement officers. “It was a clear attempt to intimidate me, and they used very, very, very harsh intimidation tactics," Kashuv told Tucker Carlson of Fox News. He said he expects the rest of his time at high school will be “interesting.” “I am not looking forward to it.”



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