“Hillary Rodham Clinton couldn’t pass a polygraph, but she’s already got a litmus test. And she flunks both!”

posted on March 4, 2016

In a rousing, well-received speech yesterday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre touched on several issues of critical importance to American freedom this presidential election year—including, of course, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. 

Addressing the recent death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, LaPierre pointed out how the longtime jurist lived by the truth, quoting the hero of freedom: “The only article in faith that plays any part in my judging is the commandment, ‘Thou Shalt Not Lie.’” 

“The thought of President [Barack] Obama replacing Justice Scalia is harrowing, but the thought of the next president putting perhaps two or more justices on the bench should scare the hell out of all of us …” LaPierre said. “Hillary Rodham Clinton couldn’t pass a polygraph, but she’s already got a litmus test. And she flunks both!” 

In contrast to Clinton’s scandals and untruths, LaPierre used the National Rifle Association as an example of how truth matters. 

“History proves that if you give the American people the straight truth, they will choose honest freedom every time,” he said. “That is why, for decades, the NRA has been the guiding light for American gun owners and those who treasure our constitutional freedom. The Second Amendment guarantees all of our freedoms. We are unafraid of honest debate and unapologetic in going toe-to-toe with anyone who gets between us and those freedoms.” 

Speaking of going toe-to-toe with the enemies of freedom, LaPierre brought up his earlier challenge to President Obama to meet for a head-to-head debate on guns and gun ownership on network television—a challenge so far unanswered.

“The White House has yet to respond, and they’re just down the street,” LaPierre said. “Is President Obama afraid of the truth? 

“The truth that during his presidency, federal prosecutions of gun crimes have dropped dramatically. The truth that in his own hometown, over 400 Chicagoans have been shot already this year. Compared to this time a year ago, the homicide rate in Chicago has risen 100 percent—100 percent! 

“Does that sound like a number anybody can be proud of? Mr. President, you own Chicago. That’s your failure.” 

LaPierre said President Obama knows how to cure the rampant violence in Chicago and some other big cities, but the president simply refuses to do what is right.

“President Obama brags about what he accomplishes with a pen and a phone, but he refuses to pick up either and order his U.S. attorneys to flip Chicago upside down and prosecute every drug dealer with a gun, gang member with a gun and violent criminal with a gun to the fullest extent of existing federal gun laws,” he said. “That would make Chicago safer. That would save lives. But he won’t do that

“That doesn’t fit his political agenda to attack the NRA, propel Hillary Clinton into the White House and destroy the Second Amendment and our personal freedom forever.” 

LaPierre concluded with a challenge to Democratic front-runner Clinton, who has repeatedly stated that if elected she will “take on” the NRA. 

“Mrs. Clinton, if you want to come after the NRA … if you want a fight over the God-given rights of America’s 100 million gun owners … if you want to turn this election into a bare-knuckled brawl for the survival of our constitutional freedom … bring it on,” he said. “We aren’t going anywhere and we aren’t hard to find. Mrs. Clinton, we are the millions of honest, decent citizens all over this country. We love our nation. We cherish our freedom. November, we’re bringing the fight to you. 

“All of us have a common cause—our freedom and our future. We can and we must fight for it.” 

To watch Wayne’s entire 2016 CPAC speech on NRA News, click here.



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