Hillary’s White House: Ground Zero For A Massive Attack On Guns

posted on August 23, 2016
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This feature appears in the September ‘16 issue of NRA America’s 1st Freedom, one of the official journals of the National Rifle Association.

“My faith in Hillary Clinton has already been rewarded. And there has never been any man or woman more qualified for this office than Hillary Clinton—ever. And that’s the truth.”
—President Barack Obama, July 6, 2016, Charlotte, N.C.

Truth? That is a singularly out-of-place word to be used in the same sentence with Hillary Clinton.

For as long as she has been in politics, Clinton has been accurately tagged as a “serial liar” and “congenital liar.” Way back in 1996, in a column headlined “Blizzard of Lies,” referencing a contemporary set of Bill and Hillary Clinton scandals, the respected New York Times op-ed columnist William Safire seminally described Clinton’s aversion to the truth: 

“Americans of all political persuasions are coming to the sad realization that our First Lady ... is a congenital liar.

“Drip by drip ... the case is being made that she is compelled to mislead, and to ensnare her subordinates and friends in a web of deceit.Truth? That is a singularly out-of-place word to be used in the same sentence with Hillary Clinton.

“[S]he is in the longtime habit of lying; and she has never been called to account for lying herself or in suborning lying in her aides and friends.”  The late Bill Safire accurately described Clinton’s ingrained modus operandi from then until this very day. 

Look no further than 2012’s Sept. 11 anniversary attack on the unguarded Benghazi, Libya, consulate that left four brave Americans—including U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens—slaughtered in what Clinton that night told her daughter, Chelsea, was a coordinated terrorist attack. Then, days later, standing before the flag-draped caskets of the fallen heroes, Clinton told stricken families and the grieving nation that the murderous attack was a spontaneous demonstration over a YouTube video. It was a perfidious lie. 

Then there is Clinton’s shameless performance as secretary of state, marked by a cloud of serial lies about her off-the-radar, homebrew email servers. Her use of unsecured digital communications to send and receive thousands of official State Department and intelligence services documents, some with the highest security classification, jeopardized our national security. She put all Americans at risk, just because Clinton wanted to hide her official business from required official scrutiny and archiving. 

As a result, key members of Congress have demanded that she be cut off from all intelligence briefings as a presidential candidate. An op-ed headline in the Washington Post blared, “Clinton is unfit to handle classified information.”

Within Clinton’s litany of lies over the years, some of the most outrageous have involved the Second Amendment and virtually every aspect of peaceable gun ownership and use.

Her new 2016 lies are the core of a propaganda campaign aimed at deceiving the public into accepting her elitist gun-ban agenda at the expense of average Americans whose very survival is threatened.

As a result, key members of Congress have demanded that she be cut off from all intelligence briefings as a presidential candidate. An op-ed headline in the Washington Post blared, “Clinton is unfit to handle classified information.”During the primary campaign, Clinton claimed that Vermont was the leading provider of illegal guns used by armed thugs in New York City—a huge lie. Even if it were true, the interstate transfer of firearms to criminals in New York from any state is covered by at least a dozen federal felony provisions—a fact that she dare not even whisper, lest she face a barrage of demands on why such laws are not being strictly enforced. But lies about existing law are her shield against the truth: There is nothing that bad people do with guns that isn’t already illegal in every corner of the country. 

Her gun-ban website is rife with similar lies about the federal law. Try this absurd pledge that Clinton would “Make straw purchasing a federal crime. When an individual with a clean record buys a gun with the intention of giving it to a violent felon—only so that felon can avoid a background check—it should be a crime. Clinton will fight to make so-called ‘straw purchasing’ a federal crime.”

As every gun owner in the nation knows, it already is a federal crime! A mega crime, which is almost never prosecuted. 

Among her biggest lies is a fake statistic she tosses out every time she talks about guns—“33,000 people a year” are killed by “gun violence.” As refuted by the prolific social scientist, Dr. John Lott, she blends in 21,334 firearm suicides, 586 accidental gun deaths, and 3,000 justifiable homicides with the actual 8,214 murders involving armed violent criminals. Lott points out that Japan, where there is no gun ownership, suicides are 54 percent higher than in our society. Her statistic—widely parroted by gun-ban politicians, Hollywood celebrities and elite media—is utterly false. And they know it. 

She lies about the alleged “need” for her gun-ban schemes, but when it comes to the big picture, she is astonishingly truthful in spelling out her presidential plans to destroy the freedom of all Americans.

When it comes to erasing the Second Amendment and rewriting the First Amendment, Clinton has dropped the masquerade. 

As to protecting our individual rights, Clinton says the U.S. Supreme Court is flat-out wrong. With the death of Associate Justice Antonin Scalia—who wrote the landmark Heller decision striking down the District of Columbia’s law banning handguns and criminalizing armed self-defense in the home—she vows to pack the court to undo what she called “a terrible mistake.”

Clinton has embraced the Australian firearm confiscation of the 1990s, which first disarmed licensed owners of every registered semi-automatic rifle and every pump-action and self-loading shotgun, then took and destroyed categories of registered handguns from licensed owners. In all, nearly a million lawfully owned guns in government databases were “turned into soup cans and bus stop benches.”  

Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard admitted in The New York Times in 2013 that the firearms taken by “penalizing decent law-abiding citizens because of the criminal behavior of others” would be “the equivalent of 40 million guns in the United States.” 

To get there, Clinton needs national gun registration and passage of “universal” background checks—code words for that end. She demands that every innocent, now-legal transfer of every firearm in the nation between law-abiding individuals be approved by her organs of the state under threat of felony prosecution. Promising to move way beyond President Barack Obama’s usurpation of executive power when it comes to gun ownership, Clinton says, “I really support everything President Obama said he would do through regulation on guns but we’re going to start the very first day and tackle the gun lobby.”

That is a clarion call for us. A Hillary Clinton White House would be ground zero for a massive attack on our freedom. We as NRA members have to work at it every day to defeat Clinton. We must reach everyone we know with a message for a secure future—the one we want for our children—with its cornerstone of enduring freedom. Vote for Donald J. Trump for president of the United States. Taking back America from the decrees of the elites who now rule our country starts with your voices and your vote on Nov. 8, 2016!



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