Hollywood Lectures Gun Owners Yet Again

posted on May 15, 2021
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Second Amendment-supporting Americans are used to Hollywood elites lecturing them on how best to exercise their rights, but as the calls grow louder, it’s important to listen so you can be prepared to call out their lies. 

Comedian Samantha Bee recently used her show to label the Second Amendment as “outdated and useless,” and deemed those who exercise this constitutional right as “fragile old men.” 

In a segment titled “Full Frontal Wants to Take Your Guns,” Bee peddled the falsehood that firearms ownership is a “public-health crisis” while praising Dr. Fauci (who has echoed this falsehood). She also claimed “guns are cool as hell, but no one should have them.”

As we know, criticizing lawful gun ownership under the guise of a “public-health crisis” is patently untrue. As America’s 1st Freedom reported, by labeling it as such, “[t]he idea is to turn a matter of elementary liberty into a crisis that mandates instant action.” 

Bee later applauded “gun-control laws that work,” such as “universal background checks,” despite not citing any evidence. As we know, “universal background checks” do not prevent the criminal element within society from obtaining a firearm. The real goal of these checks is to “tie conscientious gun owners into so many legal knots that they avoid any situation, no matter how harmless, where someone else touches their firearms. That is, to cancel most lawful firearm transfers. It’s also to document every transfer of a firearm on government-accessible paperwork to have the framework for a comprehensive gun-owner registry,” as America’s 1st Freedom previously reported.

The Full Frontal host also touted President Joe Biden’s (D) recent gun-control proposals as a “good start.” In reality, the president told lie after lie in an attempt to push his anti-gun agenda.

Not to stop there, Bee featured Shannon Watts, one of the founding members of the anti-gun group Moms Demand Action, which is now a subsidiary of anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg. Perhaps Bee could have spoken to any of the millions of Americans who lawfully exercise their Second Amendment rights every single day, but that would predictably cut against her and Watts’ predetermined narrative.

The segment, which ran nearly half an hour, also featured a montage of anti-gun politicians and other celebrities who predictably lambasted the Second Amendment and demanded that we “do one f---ing thing” about guns in the country that Bee calls a “hellscape.”

Of course, none of this is new from Hollywood. Time and again, they have pushed anti-Second Amendment propaganda. Whether it’s Ben Affleck retroactively claiming that trips to gun ranges made him uncomfortable or Madonna spouting nonsense, it’s clear where much of Hollywood stands.

“Just f---ing do something. Good night, everyone,” concluded Bee. Make no mistake: This is Hollywood once again lecturing you on what’s best for you when it comes to your constitutional rights, despite their immense detachment from reality.

Bee joins a growing chorus of Hollywood elites who are detached from the realities of American and can’t grasp how essential these Second Amendment rights are to our American freedoms.


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