Homeowner Stops Crowbar-Wielding Intruder With Single Shot

posted on April 5, 2017

Paper beats rock. Rock beats scissors. Gun beats crowbar. A south Pittsburgh home intruder recently learned this essential lesson the hard way. 

WPXI-TV 11 reports that officers responded to the invasion and subsequent assault at around 9 p.m. on Monday. Investigators say the 51-year-old resident heard someone digging through items on the first floor of his home, so he grabbed his firearm and headed down. Once the homeowner encountered the intruder—identified as 56-year-old Darrell Bettis—the suspect charged and struck him with a crowbar. 

A struggle ensued, which was quickly ended when the resident fired a single shot into Bettis’ upper thigh. EMT officers transported Bettis to a local hospital where he is expected to be turned over to police and charged with criminal mischief, burglary and aggravated assault. Paramedics also treated the homeowner for a head wound.


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NRA Logo On Blue

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