HSUS Executive Investigated on Sexual Harassment Charges

posted on February 1, 2018

Wayne Pacelle, the outspoken anti-hunting head of the Humane Society of the United States, has gotten caught up in a sexual harassment investigation. If the news, reported in USA Today and The Washington Post, is true, it seems like a pretty broad inquiry, with alleged improprieties involving subordinates, donors and volunteers on the table.

The earliest reported case dates to 2005, and some employees have gone so far as to say that for a woman to advance her career at the Humane Society, she had to barter with sexual favors.

The Humane Society was tagged as one of the five most formidable foes of hunting, with Pacelle going on record saying such things as, “Having hunters oversee wildlife is like having Dracula guard the blood bank.”

Not like the Humane Society had a squeaky clean reputation before. The group has been said to raise money via false advertising by not really supporting animal shelters, as it claims.

Pacelle called the sex allegations, being investigated by a law firm the Humane Society hired after multiple complaints came to light, baseless.


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