Hypocritical Councilwoman Doesn’t Want Gun Shop In Her Town

posted on August 5, 2017

For several years, the Pittsburgh FFL gun shop in McKeesport, Pa., has operated quietly and without problems. But when store owner Jonathan Stark decided to renovate and expand the former American Legion post and rename it Legion Arms, opponents suddenly appeared.

McKeesport city Councilwoman Fawn Walker-Montgomery was one of the first to speak out. "I don't have issue with guns. I don't have issue with the Second Amendment,” she told WPXI News. She then went on to immediately contradict herself and prove that she clearly does have an issue with both. “I just do not feel like we need a gun shop in McKeesport."

Local resident Joy Burgwin also chimed in, "My biggest concern would be that there would be somebody that would be able to purchase guns legally and bring them guns outside and put them on the streets of McKeesport.” Apparently, any gun owner is a bad gun owner.

Stark points out the upside to expansion. "We feel that if everybody buys a building as we've done, renovates it and operates a business, that McKeesport would be a much better place." Legion Arms is set for a grand opening on Aug. 12.



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